After facing backlash on social media, Arvind Kejriwal's U-turn on surgical strikes, criticizes Rahul Gandhi

Arvind Kejriwal's political opportunism betrays logic. After slyly asking for proof of the surgical strike, and playing into the hands of Pakistan, he now make a U-turn after facing social media backlash and criticizes Rahul Gandhi for "politicizing" the issue.

After facing backlash on social media, Arvind Kejriwal

arvind kejriwalA politician who is the favorite ink attack victim of the country has this time around successfully managed to smear himself, blackening his face. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convener and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's rhetorics have lately backfired to cause his party a major embarrassment with spokespersons scrambling to make an attempt to salvage the situation by accusing the media of misrepresenting facts. After slyly asking for proof of the surgical strikes that the Indian army conducted against Paksitani terror bases across the border in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, he has made a dramatic U-turn by now criticizing the remarks made by Rahul Gandhi during his rally at New Delhi.

Rahul Gandhi had accused PM Narendra Modi of indulging in “khoon ki dalali” after the surgical strikes by the Indian Army. He faced a barrage of criticism by the media and leaders across the political spectrum for his irresponsible remark. Since then, Rahul has not been seen anywhere. However, the Delhi CM attempted to salvage the situation by making a drastic U-turn by condemning Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi's remark on Narendra Modi.

Attempting to serve pseudo-liberal gibberish and engaging in petty politicking ahead of the Punjab election to be held early next year, where it will be competing with the BJP for assembly seats, Arvind Kejriwal ended up with his foot in his mouth. His maneuvering to gain political mileage has fallen flat on its face during a time when there has been broad national unanimity and support for the Indian army and the government as well.


By playing into the hands of Pakistan and providing them the much-needed leverage they needed after being isolated by the world and cornered by India using diplomatic, military and economic measures, Arvind Kejriwal has gone on to prove that he values personal gains more over national interest. Pakistan media lapped up his statement for its propaganda to prove to its people that the surgical strikes did not take place. Having come to power riding on his popularity over social media, today Arvind Kejriwal finds himself facing a volley of verbal attacks by his followers.

The AAP chief's actions went on to show how he envies Modi's growing popularity and is apprehensive that the surgical strike at this point in time could most certainly put a dent on the chance of his party's performance during the 2017 Punjab elections. Punjab is the only state outside Delhi where the Aam Aadmi Party has any relevance. The surgical strikes helped prove one thing - that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is decisive as he claims, a no-nonsense statesman, and a nationalist who has the best interest of the country as his paramount concern. Ever since his statement, Arvind Kejriwal has been trending on Pakistan social media with #PakStandsWithKejriwal as the trending topic.

Under the leadership of Narendra Modi, the army was given a free hand to respond to the repeated terrorist attacks launched on Indian soil. That these terrorists are backed by Pakistan is a no-brainer as evidence has shown on numerous past occasions. Indian Army responded to Pakistan-sponsored terror in a language it understands best by conducting the surgical strikes.

What was unprecedented and showed the intent of the Modi government was the fact that after the army conducted the surgical strikes across the Line of Control, in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, the army DGMO announced it to the world that they had conducted military operations against terror sponsor state Pakistan.


In contrast, Kejriwal has only gone on to prove that he is the ultimate political opportunist. We live in a democracy, and in a democracy, our armed forces act on the directions of the elected government, unlike in Pakistan. Hence it is clear that this government deserves credit for allowing the army a free hand to retaliate to the Uri attack after years of being frustrated and losing its patience with Pakistan.

A sedition case has been filed in a district court against Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, for his statements on the surgical strike in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir by the Army. At times, politicians should look over politics to give priority to national interest.