Akhilesh challenges 'chacha', says he 'holds the aces'

"In this game of politics, I hold the aces and you will come to know about this as the election approaches," he said

Akhilesh challenges

The feud within the Yadav clan is far from over as Samajwadi Party leader and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has thrown down the gauntlet over the selection of candidates for the forthcoming Assembly elections, saying “he holds the aces” and in the game of cards, the one who holds the aces wins the game.

This answer came when Akhilesh was asked, on the sidelines of the inaugural of new secretariat building named as Lok Bhavan, about the declaration of candidates. Incidentally, the list contains the name of Amanmani Tripathi against whom the CM had recommended a CBI probe following the mysterious death of his wife Sara in a road accident, in which he remained unscathed.

“If you want an honest answer – I have no knowledge about the new announcement. You know my line of thinking. But I want to make it clear that in a game of cards, only that person wins who holds the aces,” he said without elaborating further. “Politics is not a game but you need to have aces up in your sleeves,” he said.

“I am not aware of any selection of candidates for the forthcoming Assembly elections … I was not consulted. In fact, I have given up all the rights,” Yadav said. He had earlier demanded that he should be given a say in the selection of candidates.

In this fluid political situation where the fight in the family has come out in the open last month, the statement of Chief Minister has raised many questions. Who is the ace he is talking about? Does this statement mean we can expect more fireworks this Diwali?

When asked to explain, he said: “You all have played the game of cards. Though I do not play the card, but know in `teen do paanch’, only that person wins who has aces. In this game of politics, I hold the aces and you will come to know about this as the election approaches."

Urban Development Minister Md Azam Khan, who was sitting beside Akhilesh, made a vain attempt to dilute this situation saying “itni choti baat to bada na baanaye (don't exaggerate such a small issue).” Probably, he knew that the statement of the Chief Minister has already made the news. Akhilesh, however, refused to take the hint, and said: “I do not play cards, but, yes, I play chess.”

The Chief Minister spoke about the development projects his party had launched. “I will go to the people with a report card. I will tell them what I have done for them. When we are doing everything to develop infrastructure, the opposition is not interested in the development issue and was trying to divert the attention of the people to other non-serious issues," he said. The CM explained in detail the developmental works of his government and how he had made the Lucknow-Agra expressway in a record time while the works of the Lucknow Metro is also underway.

"Development of infrastructure is our main motto and till now more than 50 districts have been connected with four-lane highways and if we get another chance all the districts would get the facility of good roads," he said.
The Chief Minister said health was on the top of the agenda of his government. "If we get another chance we will convert all the district hospitals to world class establishment,” he said.