Akhilesh to move out of Mulayam's shadow on Oct 7

Insiders have scotched any rumor describing it as a �figment of imagination� of few media persons who wants to see sparks flying

Akhilesh to move out of Mulayam

Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav may move out of his father Mulayam Singh Yadav’s shadow - literally on October 7 when he will shift to his new house at 4, Vikramaditya Marg – the house adjacent to where he lives now.

“Please do not read much in this. Every Chief Minister is allotted a house and Akhileshji has been allotted a house as per government rule. The `Grah Pravesh’ in the new house is tentatively fixed on Oct 7,” a senior minister Abhishek Mishra told this reporter on the sidelines of a function where the Chief Minister had inaugurated a new CM’s office.

At present Akhilesh Yadav lives with his father at 5 Vikramaditya Marg.

In this fluid political situation, Akhilesh's latest step assumes importance as reports about the strained relationship between him and his father is in the air for quite some time. Akhilesh’s claim that he holds aces and who holds aces wins the game has further given the grist to the rumour mills. People see this statement as an open challenge to party leadership responsible for ticket distribution.

Insiders have scotched any rumor describing it as a “figment of imagination” of few media persons who wants to see sparks flying. There are two versions of stories - one says that Akhilesh Yadav will move out of 5 Vikramaditya Marg house of his father while another says that despite `Grah Pravesh,’ he will continue to stay with his father.

Another minister Rajendra Chaudhry said that he has no idea when Akhileshji is moving to his new house. “This is a family decision. I am a political man; I do not have any information about the family. I know he has been allotted a house … Navratri is an auspicious time to start new projects and people do move into a new house at that time,” he said.

In fact, while inaugurating new CM’s office, Akhilesh had said that Grah Pravesh during `Navratri’ is very auspicious. It wards off all the bad omen and peace prevails in that house.

The big question remains whether this Navratra usher in peace in the Yadav family and in two adjacent houses of 5 and 4 Vikramaditya Marg.