Amazon boss Bezos' Blue Origin test success, rocket lands safe

The New Shepard rocket test-fired by Amazon boss Bezos Blue Origin was a huge suceess on Wednesday, giving a major push for tourism in the space..

Amazon boss Bezos

The much awaited launch of the Amazon owner and billionaire Jeff Bezos’ space venture, Blue Origin turned out to be huge success.

The maiden flight of the rocket launcher from the Blue Origin's launch pad in Van Horn, Texas, desert pad on Wednesday was able to make an early separation during the ascent. The success will now give a new momentum for more trips to space by tourists, said officials of Blue Origin.

Giving cheers to all a motor embedded in the capsule led the rocket to a parachute back to the ground.

The test used the New Shepard rocket for take-off from the site, amid much expectation from all.

“We’ve already tested our pusher escape system, including many ground tests and a successful pad escape test, but this upcoming flight will be our toughest test yet. We’ll intentionally trigger an escape in flight and at the most stressing condition: maximum dynamic pressure through transonic velocities,” said Bezos, who pumped millions into the project, before the launch of the rocket.

The rocket booster that will carry the flight into space has successfully made four landings and crossed the boundary between mother Earth's atmosphere and outer space, said the officials.

But, it will be destroyed during the launch on Wednesday said Bezos, earlier adding that it cannot survive the impact and intensity of such a massive test.

Blue Origin aims to carry tourists to outer space in coming years and this test flight will be one of the experiments to prove the safety of the passengers during the take-off.

The scheduled take off of the rocket was postponed to Wednesday due to bad weather, said the company on Tuesday,
however, it is likely that the rocket may explode during the take-off say experts.