Apple copying Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for iPhone 8?

Apple will bring in a revolutionary redesign to its recently launched iPhone 7 and 7 plus for the iPhone 8 next year.

Apple iPhone 8 smartphone, likely to be released next year is the most anticipated tech event,everyone is looking forward to. iPhone 8 will bring in a revolutionary redesign to its recently launched iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

It is likely to have an OLED display, as reports indicate. But the most significant addition would be curved edges and screen which will cover almost the entire portion of its front area.

But, it means, iPhone’s trademark home button will have to be relocated under the display or somewhere else.

The home button is one of the most iconic features of the iPhone and Apple cannot dispense with this key instrument, say tech experts.

Apple is working on ways to place a home button under a new sophisticated iPhone screen. A new patent given on Tuesday, US Patent No. 9,460,332 is looking into strategies to place a home button with fingerprint scanning capacities under the smartphone screen.

The home button’s fingerprint scanner is a significant feature used to unlock the phone and log into various apps and services, and also for authenticating the Apple Pay transactions.

So it is an indispensable part which cannot be removed at all. However, some of home button’s other features could be replaced with gestures that will help to enhance the iPhone screen’s 3D Touch feature.

The current iPhone 7 does not have a physical home button. It points towards the possibility that in the upcoming iPhone model,the home button will be incorporated into the screen.

According to a new report, Apple is reportedly planning to adopt the highly appreciated iris scanning technology, which has been used already by its major rival Samsung in its Galaxy Note 7 for its upcoming iPhone 8.

As per techtimes.com, Taiwan based firm Xintec will begin producing the chips for Apple, “Xintec is expected to enter mass production for iris-recognition chips in 2017, which will boost the backend house’s revenues for the year”,the report added.