Apple finally announces launch date of new MacBook Pro 2016!!!

What is the release date for the new Apple MacBook Pro? What are the new features, specs? How has the designed changed and at what cost will these new MacBooks be sold? Find out!

Apple finally announces launch date of new MacBook Pro 2016!!!

The launch of Apple new MacBook Pro is the most eagerly awaited moment in recent times, which may clash with Microsoft Surface desktop PC. Now latest rumor it that the new MacBook Pro 2016 is going to hit the markets in United Kingdoms by mid-October. The Apple pundits are betting that i should be out by 27 October 2016. There also speculations that the launch will happen soon after the event before Microsoft Surfaces.

What should be expected of the new MacBook Pro? Well, they say that the magic is in the Pros' Processor. There are also rumors that this new release is going to be touchscreen that come with a detachable screen. Some are also speculating that much like the iPone 7, the new MacBook is also going to be released of the headphone jack. An OLED Touch bar is also rumored to be an added feature.

Here is a You Tube video on what to expect from the MacBook Pro:

Price of MacBook Pro

Now coming to the point of how much is it going to cost? Some MacBook experts are claiming that it is going to be priced, starting from £899 ($1,099, which is about AUS$1,670).

Features of MacBook Pro models:

The site added that Apple may launch both 13 and 15-inch versions, which are similar in sizes of the existing models. The duo will have USB-C ports and Thunderbolt 3 support. The new design of model includes, a thinner body having a flatter keyboard, an OLED display touch panel, along with a Touch ID support.

Launch Date:

Apple is likely to launch the Mac in a quitie event, unlike the media-glitz and publicity given for iphone 7 and plus 7 launch held at San Francisco, said sources. The company is of the view that there is very less time left to prepare for the launch, and did not rule out chances of a clash/ overlapping with the launch date of Microsoft's newly announced new Surface desktop PC.

Currently, these two are the most eagerly awaited tech launches expected in October, say tech experts.