Apple iPhone 7 finds a new competitor in Google Pixel smartphone

The world's biggest online search company, Google, has launched Pixel Smartphone, featuring Google Assistant and the best mobile phone camera

On the 4th of October 2016, Google launched the smartphone, Pixel, which has been completely manufactured by the company, for the first time ever. On their blog, Google declared “Today, we announced for the first time a family of products that brings people the best of Google through hardware and software made by Google. We’re excited that the lineup features the first phone made by Google inside and out — Pixel.”

There are some amazing feature in Pixel, by Google, which include Google Assistant, newest android operation system 7.1 Nougat, the best ever smart phone camera which has ever been created, it comes pre-installed with Google Allo and Duo and the best news is that Pixel can charge within 15 minutes and its battery would last up to 7 hours. The cherry on top is that Pixel promises to provide unlimited full resolution backups of videos and photos using cloud storage by Google Photos. Here are other specification about Google’s newly launched smartphone:



Although, Pixel’s Google Assistant has much resemblance with Apple iPhone’s Siri, Google claims that ” With your Assistant, you can have a natural conversation with Google to find answers or get things done on the go. Say “Ok Google” or touch and hold the Home button and your Assistant is ready to help.”

In their launch video, Google has also highlighted the fact the Pixel has a 3.5mm headphone jack, which they said is “satisfyingly not new” targeting directly at Apple’s iPhone 7 which comes with wireless Ear Pods. Google has kept no secret about attacking Apple’s market.

These smartphones are currently being pre-ordered in America, Australia and Canada. They come in three distinctive looks, namely, Very Silver, Quite Black and a limited addition of Really Blue.

A Daydream viewer can also be purchased along with Pixel, which is a virtual reality headset, much like Samsung’s headgear.

The Product Manager of Google Pixel, James Nugent said “We’re putting a stake in the ground for the Android ecosystem in terms of what we think is the best from both the software and hardware point of view, which has been developed and made by Google.”