Apple iPhone 8 rumours inspiration for Samsung Galaxy S8

It has been reported that after details began coming in about what to expect from iPhone 8, now Samsung Galaxy S8 is set to feature similar upgrades and features.

Apple iPhone 8 rumours inspiration for Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung could beat Apple in the race to launch its next flagship smartphone with a major redesign and significant revamp after rumors and leaks provided details of what to expect from the iPhone 8 next year. The fact that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is due for launch early next year before the late launch of the iPhone means that Samsung might introduce those features in its smartphone before Apple can launch its.  A report published on BGR revealed that the Samsung flagship is all set to copy key features of the iPhone 7 and the upcoming iPhone 8 based on the available informations and offer it to the market before Apple.

The biggest change would be in the area of design, it has been reported. The Samsung Galaxy S8 would be completely redesigned and rumors suggest that the biggest change would be to the front of the smartphone. It would still have curved glass on both the sides, but Samsung could be opting to remove the home button from the face of the device like Apple is rumored to be doing. It will also add some features that were not yet available to Samsung users. The front of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 would be all glass with the fingerprint scanner still available but now under the OLED screen.

Apart from this, Samsung is rumored to be improving the screen quality and add a 3D effect to the display. The display could be 4K to better support VR features. Also, Samsung is looking at the possibility of removing the headphone jack and add dual camera feature to its offering next year. Yes, we know, Samsung is now following in the footsteps of Apple but that is what it has always done. Apple comes up with innovative ideas and Samsung copies these ideas and attempts to improve it.

This has also been the bone of contention between both the tech giants over the years and most of the lawsuits they have filed against each other in the past have been because of this reason.