Apple iPhone vs Android smartphones debate settled once and for all

With the launch of the Apple's new iPhone 7 and 7 plus and Google Pixel, buyers are confused over what smartphone to purchase. We explain why Android smartphones could be better than Apple iPhone. Check it out....

With the launch of the Apple’s new iphone 7 and 7 plus and Google Pixel buyers are confused over what smartphone to purchase.

We are here you to help you out to know which one is the better among the duo.

1. Variety of phones at affordable prices to choose from

While Apple definitely holds control in the smartphone market with the iPhone. Since the company produces software, it provides its loyal customers with many of their needs like guaranteed timely updates, extensive support, minimal bloatware etc.

Android, on the other hand allows the customer to choose a wide range of phones at different prices. It’s models are also available at prices, that suit your pocket.

2. Usually first to get advanced hardware features

Apple has recently made its iPhone 7 water resistant and plans to introduce more vivid OLED displays for its new iPhone 8. Though Apple has more storage space for new models, it cannot support microSD cards.

But, Android phones are already having all these features like wireless charging, more fast charging, removable batteries, dual-SIM support and above all dual cameras.

3. Ability to customize according to your needs

iPhone’s make you feel tired due the monotonous nature of same grid of apps, and updates. But, Android lets you to change the menu ands settings to suit your requirements. Android can also switch off those apps you rarely use.

4. The app difference is highly exaggerated

The reality is that we download only those new apps, we really need. Most of our existing and most needed Apps are removed from the platform and market immediately.

And we could always get updates on new arrivals, but often the new design may not be that slick, however normally the difference is very very negligible. But in the case of mobile games, there gonna be big differences, as
iOS cannot provide you information on releases, before they come with notifications some where else.

It is the same with tablets also, and we recommend not to buy an an Android tablet.

5. Vertical integration is an amazing idea!

it’s true that while Android focus on value, and iPhone is all about a perfect package. Despite many issues, Android phones’ OS is very superior to that of other brands.

6. Google’s always has superior software, that no one can challenge

While Apple is good in its hardware, Google is miles ahead in its software capabilities.