Apple working on longer life and better quality for its iPhone batteries

Apple recently filed for patent on April 1 for 'Battery', for extending life and better quality for its batteries

Taking serious note of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 scandal due to faulty battery, rival Apple is looking into ways to make its batteries safe.

Apple recently filed for patent on April 1 for ‘Battery’, for extending life and better quality for its batteries, it will give a push for a technology to facilitate safety of the user and better battery performance.

It highlights battery enclosure rather than the battery cell, making way for batteries that do not explode or swell, when they near their last state.

“Battery performance and life cycles in mobile electronic and other types of computing devices are an ever increasing concern,” Apple states.

“Particularly as mobile devices become smaller while the processing power and demands on such devices increase, the ability of the battery to provide the necessary power needs to the device increases in importance and competes with the desire to reduce the overall size of the device. Obtaining more power from the battery while restraining the overall size of the battery to fit within the mobile device is a continual challenge.

It is with these and other issues in mind that various aspects of the present disclosure were developed,” added the company in a press release.

Apple is going to develop the battery for “increased pressure on the battery stack for higher battery performance.”
The company claims that its new battery will have“substantial form factor flexibility.”

Apple’s idea is to produce batteries with an enclosure that will help to reduce the gap stack and the can surface which never existed previously.

“The reduced gap can result in a more intimate and/or constant contact between battery and the battery can,” says the company.

“This reduction in the gap aids in resisting swelling of the battery stack during the lifetime of the battery. Such resistance to the swelling of the battery stack may increase the performance, durability, and useful life of the battery, as well as protect the device in which the battery can is mounted, ” Apple describes about the fool-proof design.

The patent states, other Apple products will also benefit from the new innovation like iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV.