Our women are mistreated in torture camps, our kids beaten by Army: Dilshad Baloch

Dilshad Baloch and his wife are now in India to raise awareness about Balochistan’s struggle for independence

Baloch leader Mazdak Dilshad Baloch expressed his gratitude to India on Saturday for supporting his cause and also sought support in their fight against the atrocities of Pakistan in Balochistan province.

While talking at a seminar on ‘Baloch Nationality: Internal Colonisation of Balochistan by Pakistan’, Mazdak said they don’t want to be with Pakistan and urged India to support the cause of his region on grounds of humanity.

Explaining the atrocities carried out by Pakistan Army in his homeland, he said: “Our women are mistreated in torture camps and our kids are being beaten by the Army to sing the national anthem of Pakistan.”

Conducted by the RSS-backed India Policy Foundation (IPF), the seminar was attended by top journalists, former diplomats and retired armed forces officers.

Dilshad Baloch and his wife are now in India to raise awareness about Balochistan’s struggle for independence.

“We are here to seek the support of social groups for our fight for freedom. We already have talked to different activists groups, while the government has already done its part in favour of us,” said Dilshad.

All India Baloch Unity Forum on Thursday had held a protest against Pakistan outside Pakistan High Commission in Delhi.

In the recent past, Switzerland-based leader of Baloch Republic Party, Brahamdagh Bugti applied for asylum in India. Apart from him, another Baloch leader in exile, Hyrbyair Marri also expressed his desire to seek asylum in India

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi in his Independence Day speech, mentioned the atrocities being faced by Balochitsan people at the hands of Pakistan government. While Pakistan has criticised Modi’s speech as an effort to internationalize its domestic affairs, Modi has received support from Balochi people across the world. Protesters burned Pakistan flag and hoisted Indian tri-colour at various places within and outside the troubled region.