Beware of this defective iPhone 7 Plus smartphone modem!

If the modem is not working properly, it could affect iphone badly. iphone's data connection may be damaged severely, they warn.

Reports suggest that one out of the two iPhone 7 Plus models released by Apple doesn’t have the crucial modem.
Tech experts warn that if the modem is not working properly, it could affect iphone badly. iphone’s data connection may be damaged severely, they warn.

How it can affect your iphone’s performance?

Shockingly, the Intel variant performance was even worse than Apple iPhone 6S. Verizon, Sprint, and SIM-unlocked iPhones were found to have used Qualcomm modems while gadgets using other networks relied on Intel modems.

CHECKLIST, how to find which modem you are using:

The A1778 and A1784 versions have Intel modems, and A1660 and A1661 models use Qualcomm.

When iPhones began using Qualcomm modems?

Earlier five iPhones models launched by Apple had Qualcomm modems. Qualcomm had provided processors and modems to smartphone companies like Apple, as it has rating of gold standard.

But Apple chose to use Intel modems in 2016 for its Apple 7 plus models. But a lab test of both models revealed that Intel variant’s performance is 30% worse than existing data bands of America.

The iPhone 7 Plus of earlier modem had some advantages over the iPhone with Intel modem. It is still not clear what made a company like Apple to produce iphones with two sets of modems, as the iphone with Qualcomm modem is marketed in China, Japan and in the US only, there is no truth that performance is the key behind the decision.

However, this apart, iPhone 7 Plus is one of the best designed and nice smartphone ever made. iPhone 7 Plus also comes with a hi-tech camer superior in quality when compared to the previous iphone models.
Now the good news is , iPhone 7 Plus has portrait mode along with its ios 10.1 uploads.

Let’s now hope that the Apple iphone 8 to be launched by Apple 8 next year will have even better facilities to amuse the tech world.