Brad Pitt totally crushed after Angeina Jolie filed for divorce

Brad Pitt is devastated after his divorce from Angelina Jolie.

Brad Pitt totally crushed after Angeina Jolie filed for divorce


Hollywood's most famous and loved actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are splitting after being together for twelve long years and two years of marriage.

According to media reports, “Brad can’t believe this is what his life has become and he’s in bad shape but the kids are the only thing he’s hanging onto,” quoting a source about the Mr. & Mrs. Smith actor. “He’s been leaning heavily on his family and speaks to his parents and close friends and his manager constantly. His mom has been talking to him constantly.”

The news has been out on Friday, September 30, that Pitt and Jolie, had come to a temporary arrangement that extends to October 20. This says that the actor is allowed to see their six children — Maddox, 15, Pax, 12, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and the twins Knox and Vivienne, 8. The duo has joint legal custody for which they agreed that the children would remain with Jolie for the time being. Although Pitt's first visit with the children after weeks apart will be supervised by a therapist.

Brad Pitt and Angeilna Jolie with their kids

Another source reveals that both parents will receive counseling individually and they have to attend counseling sessions as a family with their six children. Pitt has to undergo counseling for drug abuse as well.

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"He will cooperate in whatever way he can," the first source states. "He loves those kids more than anything."

Hossein Berenji, the divorce attorney is currently not working with the couple tells media that, “for Angelina’s purposes, temporarily at least, this does the trick for her to make sure the children are safe while seeing Brad and possibly have Brad take some responsibility for maybe certain behaviors that he’s displayed or certain characteristics.”

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Berenji also said, “for him, the best way to vindicate himself might be to put himself through this process even through there might be a stigma attached to it.”

The attorney further said, “It might actually just be a way to deal with this and put down all these rumors in a very short, fast, quick period of time that will not involve a whole huge scandal where the kids and their lives and their past and everything is dragged through public media. So there is a benefit I can see to both sides, and I can see why both sides might be willing to go through this process and get this done.”