How 'bulletproof' Nokia phone saved life!

Even today memes about the brand are very popular, and this time, Nokia made it to headlines for saving a life.


Nokia, the nostalgic gadget brand of Indians, lost its popularity when competition to Apple's smartphones and other Android devices rose.  However, the source of wit and humour, Nokia’s unbreakable models have given rise to many viral threads on the social media.

‘Strength’ of Nokia phones was much publicized, where model like 3310 was the subject of endless online strength jokes, such as "Tried to bury a Nokia 3310 with a digger. It was back on my table the next morning."  Even today memes about the brand are very popular, and this time, Nokia made it to headlines for saving a life.

Nokia 301 has reportedly saved life of a person from Afghanistan by stopping a bullet from piercing his chest!

A picture posted on Twitter shows a Nokia 301 which appears to have caught a bullet, the remains of which are lodged behind the phone's broken screen.

Peter Skillman, who was employed in Nokia and created the 'bulletproof' phone, is now working in Microsoft. He posted the picture on Twitter, which has gone viral now.  He has not mentioned about that lucky chap whose life was saved by the phone from a bullet.

After Skillman posted the photo, other users started to post pictures of the "indestructible" Nokia 3310 used as a bulletproof jacket and a battering RAM.

Interestingly, this is not the first time a Nokia phone has gone viral for saving life from a fatality, other phones like Nokia Lumia 520 and Huawei P8 Lite have been earlier reported to prevent bullet. Nokia 301 does have many predecessors in its clan.

The Lumia 520 was dubbed as "bulletproof" when it saved the life of an off-duty police officer in Brazil, it then became another subject of popular memes.

An HTC smartphone created headlines in 2013 by saving the life of a person by blocking a bullet that had been fired by a robber in a petrol bunk. The phone stopped the bullet from puncturing his abdomen. Recently a man fired a gun on point-blank range at an HTC phone to prove its bulletproof quality.

This cannot be summed up without mentioning the 'exploding' Samsung Note 7. It appears that people aren't in a mood to stop making jokes on powerful phones.