DJ Khaled Records His Fiancée Giving Birth to Their Baby Boy on Snapchat

Watch DJ Khaled's fiancée, Nicole Tuck, giving birth to their baby boy. He even posted pictures on Instagram, welcoming their first baby, to the world.

DJ Khaled and fiancée, Nicole Tuck, had been pregnant and the baby was expected anytime now. Well, the baby is here and it’s a boy! Not only were there rather open about releasing personal information about the birth of their baby, unlike Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, DJ Khaled posted the entire chronicle of Nicole giving birth to their baby, on snapchat.

The news of the the two welcoming a baby boy to this world, came yesterday. Khaled also posted a number of pictures on Instagram. In one of the videos he posted on social media, the nurse was seen to be helping DJ Khaled make a foot star of his new born baby on the his forearms.


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There is no information about what the baby will be named, yet. As many videos as Khaled recorded, of the birth of his baby, he did not reveal what the baby looks like, just yet.

It was also observed that Khaled played songs from his own album, perhaps to divert his wife’s thoughts from the pain or to calm his own self down. He also played Islamic pryers as Nicole was giving birth to their baby. In one of the pictures that he shared on Instagram, he was also seen to be praying, he captioned the picture as “?????? all praise to the most high”

?????? all praise to the most high

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Clearly Khaled is rather excited to be a new father to his son, as this Lion King like image on his social media suggests:

??????? I love you son !

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Khaled has been quite a support to his wife, right from the begging of their pregnancy and till the end.

FAN LUV Contractions ?????? my son soon come I love you son …. Bless up ??

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Here is what the fans had to say about DJ Khaled recording the birth of his child:


??????? I love you son !

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