Donald Trump's lies exposed: 'Trump products' not made in USA

As a shrewd businessman, Trump however, took decisions to make use of cheaper industries and low wages that are found outside the United States

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Republican Party's presidential nominee Donald Trump professes to be against products that are not manufactured in the US. He has made 'America first' as the agenda of his election campaigns in GOP speeches and during his US election 2016 campaigns. However, as a shrewd businessman, Trump took decisions to make use of cheaper industries and low wages that are available outside the United States only.

Donald Trump even began his Presidential campaign by speaking up against jobs fleeing from the US to China or Mexico, blaming Democratic rule under Barack Obama, causing exodus of jobs and industries leaving the US.

"Our jobs are fleeing the country. They're going to Mexico," Donald Trump said in his maiden Presidential debates, talking about on Ford Company setting up a new plant in Mexico. He reiterated in his presidential campaign he will bring back jobs back into American soil to help American workers, once he becomes US President.

Trump even said, to save the US jobs and industries, he will put 5 per cent tariff on imports from China if he is elected as US president.

TRUMP: the Businessman v/s the Presidential candidate

Here is fact check on how Trump fares when it comes to providing jobs to US workers. He made it clear in a GOP debate, "Frankly, because of the devaluations that other's very, very hard for our companies in this country, in our country, to compete."

Most of the Trump products, including his US election campaign materials, are manufactured outside the US, contrary to his claims that he has moved all his clothing collection to the United States in 2016 March.

Here are a few example of some of the Trump and Ivanka Trump products, made outside the US. Latest reports say most of the Trump products are made in Bangladesh, China, Honduras, and Vietnam.

Some of Trump suits are marketed "Made in US", but their labels say "imported from Indonesia". Trump glasses, ties also come from China.

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A closer look of the suit

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He told ABC recently, "Unfortunately my ties are made in China, and I will say this, the hats — ‘Make America Great Again’ — I searched long and hard to find somebody that made the hats in this country."

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As an insult to American workers, Trump line of shirts are made in Bangladesh, China, Honduras, and Vietnam.
Customers' queries on Amazon revealed that most of Trump products come from foreign locations, but neither Amazon, noR Trump campaign commentED on the issue. But, a shocked reviewer commented on Amazon, “A couple of weeks ago, the site said, "It came from China."

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“A couple of weeks ago site said China???”[/caption]

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Trump brings workers from Honduras to US?

BuzzFeed has reported that Trump runs factories in Honduras. where workers make Trump brands for a wage as low as $1/day.

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Hoduras factory[/caption]

Last month, Trump had asked the Labour department for licence to bring 78 workers from abroad to his private club in Palm Beach, saying no US citizen was available for the job.

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