Don't feed your dog these, it's deadly for its health

Know what is dangerous for your dog's health..


Dog food

1. Xylitol

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Any candy, gum, toothpaste, baked goods including few diet foods are sweetened with the contents of xylitol. It may cause your dog's blood sugar level to drop. It could also cause liver failure. The symptoms are vomiting, lethargy, and probelms with regard to coordination. Eventually your dog can have seizures. Liver failure could happen in few days.

2. Avocado

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We know it is the healthis fruit for human beings. But for your dog? Well.. Avocados, contains something called persin. Moreover, too much of it could also be poisonous to dogs. If you grow avocados at your homes, make sure you keep your dog away from those plants. Persin exists in the leaves, seed, and bark as well.

3. Alcohol

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Alcohol has same effect on a dog’s liver and brain just like that of people. But for your dog, a little beer, liquor, wine, or food containing alcohol could be very bad. It causes vomiting, diarrhea, breathing problems, coma and the worst, death. The smaller your dog, the worse it is.

4. Garlic and Onions

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Be it powdered, raw, cooked, or dehydrated, keep the onions and garlic away from your dog. They could kill red blood cells and make them anemic. Rarely or a slight use in their food is OK, but eating a lot just even once can cause poisoning. Be aware for signs like weakness, vomiting, and breathing problems.

5. Tea, Coffee and Other Caffeine

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Caffeine can be deadly. Watch out when you leave the coffee and tea mugs on the grounds. Even coffee beans are dangerous. Keep your dog away from drinks containing cocoa, chocolate, colas, and energy drinks. Even in some medicines for flu and pain killers contain Caffeine. Watch their symptoms feeling restless, breathing fast, and muscle twitches.

6. Chocolate

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Most people know that dogs love and adore chocolate but it very sickening for their health. The main trouble in chocolate is theobromine. It's included in all varieties of chocolate. The most dangerous are the dark chocolate and unsweetened baking chocolate. Chocolate can cause your dog to throw up and diarrhea. Heart problems, tremors, , loss of hair, seizures, and death also can occur.