France begins evacuation process in Calais migrant camp

More than 1200 police and officials are at the site where the clearance procedures are going on.

The French government has started clearing a makeshift refugee camp in Calais known as “Jungle” which hosts more than 7000 people.┬áMore than 1200 police and officials are at the site where the clearance procedures are going on. The administration fears that evacuating migrants may protest against the drive.

The demolition of the camp is expected to take place on Tuesday.French Government has said that it is closing the camp which is the home to migrants fleeing war and poverty.

The authorities are planning to relocate the migrants to 450 centers across France.Most of the migrants are from countries like Afghanistan, Syria,and Libya.

EU rules requiring migrants to seek asylum in the first country they set foot in, prevented many of them reaching Britain.Authorities have planned to classify migrants as families, adults, unaccompanied minors and vulnerable individuals according to Reuters’ reports.

Then the migrants will be transported to reception centers where they will receive proper medical checks. The government is on the calculation that evacuation process will be over by one week.

The statement by French Interior Ministry read as it”does not want to use force but if there are migrants who refuse to leave or NGOs who cause trouble, the police might be forced to intervene”. Officials are on vigil expecting chaos when dismantlement of the camp begins.

They expect the whole operation will take three days to get over.

Migrant crisis shot into attention last year when more than one million migrants arrived in Europe. Many of them were fleeing their civil war-torn nations from the Middle East and Africa.

Heated debates rocked EU when countries struggled to cope up with the influx of migrants. Germany was the only country who openly took a positive stand claiming to host migrants.

Balkan countries have closed their border in last March when EU inked a deal with Turkey to stop migrants entering Greece from Turkey.