Sadhvi Prachi: I salute Godse for shooting down Mahatma Gandhi

The VHP firebrand leader has blamed Mahatma Gandhi for the Partition and Kashmir issue

Sadhvi Prachi: I salute Godse for shooting down Mahatma Gandhi

VHP's firebrand leader Sadhvi Prachi, whose tongue-in-cheek remarks have often made the headlines, has rejected the Father of the Nation, saying Mahatma Gandhi is not her ideal. She said she rather respected Nathuram Godse for shooting the Mahatma down. She blamed Gandhi for the Partition and Kashmir issue. While accepting that one must live in harmony with their neighborhood, she said it is important to teach a lesson if the neighbour is rude.

The furious VHP leader joined in the ongoing Bollywood ban controversy with her infamous 'Chalo Pakistan' insult on Sunday. Talking about Pakistani artists working in Bollywood, Sadhvi Prachi said they should show their talent in their own country. She added that whoever sympathises with the Pakistani artistes in Bollywood, including Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan, should all go to Pakistan.

Her comment was following Salman Khan's clarification on his stand about Pakistani artistes who said artistes who come with proper work permission and visa should not be matched with terrorists. Salman's statement was a matter of big discussion in India where many in the film industry and politics came in support and opposing him.
Earlier, Sadhvi Prachi has caused headaches for the BJP following her hate speeches attacking Muslims and their political rivals. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, himself, had to intervene to control the damage she has made in the past forcing her limit herself on her furious statements, which were widely praised by the party followers but troubled the party leadership many times.

Sadhvi Prachi has been booked by the police many times in the past for inciting communal tension, the last one was in June for her statement to 'make India Muslim free'. Just days before this, she has offered a reward of Rs 50 lakh to those who behead controversial Islamic scholar Zakir Naik.