Hafiz Saeed is Pakistan's paid 'agent provocateur': Defence expert

'He is ordering Nawaz Sharif as Sharif's reign does not run in Pakistan,' Defence expert Brigadier (Retired) Anil Gupta said

Hafiz Saeed is Pakistan

Amid the tension that arises following the Uri attack, which India blamed Pakistan responsible, a defence expert has described mastermind of 26/11 Mumbai attack and Jamaat-ud-Dawa leader Hafiz Saeed as Pakistan's paid "strategic agent provocateur", and one who is allowed to roam freely and hold anti-India rallies in his country, according to a news report.

Defence expert Brigadier (Retired) Anil Gupta said: "Hafiz Saeed is an internationally proclaimed terrorist. He is heading a terrorist organisation in Pakistan. He is an active member of the Pakistani deep state and is a paid agent provocateur as far as Pakistan is concerned. He is considered as a strategic asset by the ISI and has the patronage of the Pakistan government; is allowed roam freely and hold rallies in Pakistan when he has been declared a international terrorist."

Gupta added,  "Even today, at Lahore, he held a rally. He is ordering Nawaz Sharif as Sharif's reign does not run in Pakistan. He is being dictated to by both the army and by terrorists. Nawaz Sharif is helpless; he can do nothing; it is only the Pakistan Army that decides what is to be done."

Gupta, justifying the surgical strike, said, "We have not attacked Pakistan, we have not attacked the Pakistan Army', we have attacked terrorist camps in our own territory which was across the so-called LoC." The Indian Army claims to have killed around 40  terrorists in the strike carried out in what can be a response to the Uri attack, where 18 Indian soldiers were killed.

"They are just crying for the sake of crying and, in case they retaliate, we are ready and they should be ready to face the consequences. But their retaliation would imply that they are the ones who are harbouring terrorists; so, therefore, if they are ready to accept that; if they are ready to confirm the world's findings that Pakistan is an epicenter of terrorism, they are most welcome to do so," Gupta added.