Hillary campaigners worried about low Democrat voting, polls predict win for Hillary

Hillary's supporters say overconfidence of Democrats may cost Hillary camp very badly in next month's election. A last-minute show of strength among the Republicans could deny her a victory

Hillary campaigners worried about low Democrat voting, polls predict win for Hillary

As Democratic Party nominee Hillary Hillary Clinton scored a decisive victory over the Donald Trump on Sunday's presidential debates, Hillary camp now fear a low turn out by Democrats on election date may ruin Hillary's chances.

Reportedly Hillary campaign admitted, they are worried about Democrat supporters just sitting idle at home on election day, if Trump trails behind Hillary in opinion polls in coming weeks.

They said, overconfidence of Democrats may cost Hillary very badly in next month's election. A last-minute show of strength or mobilisation among the Republicans on November 8, might deny her a victory, fear Hillary's supporters.

Things may not be easy for Hillary if she enters the White House without much popular support, they warn as she may not be able to implement her promises.

Clinton had focused on the fear among the American voters for Donald Trump and his anti-minority, racist and sexist attitudes during her presidential campaigns.

Commentators, say she owes much of her popularity due to the ill-will reserved for Trump and his policies by people.

Hillary has failed miserably to offer a vision of leadership or motivate many voters including millennials, who have supported Bernie Sanders or blacks, minorities and liberal voters, argue experts.

Opinion polls show that many voters are backing Clinton primarily to stop Trump, the Republican nominee, from getting into the White House. If they believe he has no hope of winning, then what would their motivation be to turn up at the polls?

A recent Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll showed nearly half of all Hillary supporters told they are backing her not to allow Trump to become President.
It revealed that only a mere 36.5 % only said, they back her because of her policies and only 12.6 % said, they are supporting her because they like Hillary's personality.

“Turnout is correlated with levels of competition,” observed Michael McDonald, elections expert at the University of Florida, adding, “The higher the competition, the higher the turnout.”

Hillary is yet to widen her base among young Americans, blacks, Latinos, and low-income groups, who helped the Democrats to win during the presidential race of Barack Obama in 2008.

The Reuters/Ipsos 50-state survey predicted Hillary an astonishing 95 % chance of winning the election. (It was done before Trump's sexist videos appeared on last Friday).

Also, another survey by NBC/Wall Street Journal poll on Monday showed Clinton is leading over Trump with 11-points.