How Kejriwal became 'Paltiwal'

Of course, Kejriwal became a darling of the Pakistani media for his demand that the Indian army should release video footages of the surgical strikes

How Kejriwal became

As is his wont, NCT of Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, who has earned a social media surname ‘paltiwal,’ has taken another ‘U’ turn over his remarks on India’s surgical strikes at Pakistan sponsored terrorist camps in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK).

This time Kejri, nay Paltiwal, criticized Rahul Gandhi for doubting the surgical strikes. That, too, within days of his own demanding “proof” of the Indian army operations, as if any army operation should be video-graphed and put on WhatsApp and social media websites. Of course, Kejriwal became a darling of the Pakistani media for his demand that the Indian army should release video footages of the surgical strikes.

Thank god he did not demand that they should be put through his twitters and WhatsApp's. However,this time, Paltiwal’s criticism is focused on Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi who said that Indian prime minister Narendra Modi has done ‘khoon ka dalali’ in a reference to Modi's party allegedly seeking publicity out of the surgical attacks.

What Kejriwal says now is that he condemns Rahul Gandhi’s remarks when our valiant soldiers laid down their lives.
“I condemn the use of such words …. (Rahul Gandhi’s khoon ka dalali) …. I have told in the House (Delhi assembly) as well as in a video message that right now there is tension in the border. The entire country should stand behind the army” Kejriwal stated. This is just days after his own demand of a video footage of the surgical attack and within a couple of days of his “saluting Modi” for the valor, the Indian prime minister has shown in deciding to attack targets in PoK. He also fielded his deputy Manish Sisodia to defend him who has been quoted to have said that Kejriwal was misquoted by the media.

This is not the first ‘U’ turn of Kejriwal ever since his NGO Parivartan (Change) and India Against Corruption (IAC) movement. He vowed that politics was a dirt, and would not stray in there. He dumped his guru Anna Hazare after using him and plunged into it. He was accused of corruption by his own colleague then, Kiran Bedi, now Lt.Governor of Puducherry, of siphoning off money collected during IAC movement and the grand sit-ins at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar and Ram Leela Grounds. Bedi’s remarks that Kejriwal “ran away” with the money collected was on record on many social media sites.

The fight for the Lok Pal bill saw a strange situation: BJP Congress and Anna Hazare on one side supporting it and Kejriwal opposing it. His then blue-eyed boy Kumar Vishwas called even Anna Hazare a traitor. Kejriwal did not distance himself from that. Result: Anna Hazare distanced himself from his one-time chela (disciple) and supported Trinamool’s Mamata Banerjee (now West Bengal chief minister) for prime ministership. Kejriwal’s another shocking palti (U-turn) came when he took the support of the Congress to form his 48-day government in Delhi. This after vouchsafing on his “children” that he would never take the support of such a corrupt political party.

What could have been a great civil society group and movement slowly snowballed into and now downgraded AAP, courtesy Paltiwal.

After taking a vow that he would not venture into politics at all, Kejriwal said that to cleanse a “nala” (dirty drain) one should enter it. Politics was that ganda nala (dirty drain) and he was entering into it only for cleansing it. But there is no answer till date about the thousands of crores collected for the party including huge NRI fundings. He opposed official bungalow, chartered flight but took the same. Travelled by the Delhi metro train to show off but now all official cars with right beacon lights are back along with official bungalow. His party’s official website now no more shows the ‘official funds’.

It is time for an Asli Aam Admi Party (AAAP).

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