How Narada News Got Its Name....

Narad is a perfect fit to be the name of my news portal. He had a great news sense. He took news from one world to another and served it with a tinge of his perspective

How Narada News Got Its Name....

It was a cold evening in Delhi, and I was sitting in a small hotel room with a few intimate friends. We were racking our brains for finding a name for the new online news portal that was all set to get launched. The name should be unique, and able to strike the chord of a person while hearing it for the first time. It must incite their curiosity. Discussions continued without a break, and everyone was coming up with his own ideas of originality. However, even after hours of brainstorming, we couldn’t reach a consensus.

Nobody in that group hadn’t struggled that much even in finding names for their children. So how could such a group of men work it out?! The discussions on the first day reached nowhere. The booze used to stimulate our creativity went in vain on the second day as well.

On that night, I had a dream, a very strange one. While I was sitting under a tree with some sort of deep reflection, a fully ripe jackfruit fell on my head and broke into pieces. But my head was still there on my neck, unbroken!! I lost my sleep when I woke up from this weird dream. Without telling my wife, I got myself out of my room in the midnight. Bolt, my pet dog, was waiting for me there. I began talking to him about my dream and he nodded as he understood every bit of it. Then I had opened my laptop and started searching the internet for names.

Literally, I travelled across the world, through all the continents and countries in search of a name. Some names sounded good but felt just OK. Nothing could satisfy my tastes and imagination. While continuing my random browsing, the image of the Vedic saint, Narada, caught my eyes. Narada, one of the most famous characters in the Indian myths, was a messenger of news and wisdom. “Eureka! Eureka’ - I simply got excited that, at last, I could have found the name I had been searching for the last three days.

Narad is a perfect fit to be the name of my news portal. He had a great news sense. He took news from one world to another and served it with a tinge of his perspective. Although he was keen in making news entertaining, he never did misinterpretation for the sake of sensationalism. He was truly a gentleman. I bowed before him for being a role model for me.

Normally, people select two syllable names for brands since it’s easy to remember and spell. Such names are too rare these days, and finding a new one is a herculean task. A brand name that gets accepted depends on many factors. The understanding about your target audience is the most decisive of them. They can somehow relate to that name.

Even in the beginning, our plan was to make news website a multilingual one. So it has to be appealing to the diverse cultures in India. Moreover, it has to be understood by a common man. So Narada is the aptest choice as he is a very familiar character all around India.

On the third day of our discussions, I put forward the name, Narada news, for the portal. Quite expectedly, most of my friends raised their eyebrows.

“You know that Narada is the first journalist in the universe. And no website or no media organisation has ever used his name yet,” I said. But I was brutally attacked by my friends. They tore apart my suggestion.

According to them Narada was a character with negative traits and picturised as a slanderer in Puranas. And, my idea was totally going over their head.

“Why couldn’t we give a negative name if we uphold a positive ethics? Steve Jobs chose the image of a bitten apple as the logo for his company and faced immense criticism from protestants in the US as they considered it as blasphemous.But he asked them to forget the name and logo, and experience the product. Now, it’s one of the most sought-after brands all over the world”, I was trying my best to convince them.

Another concern was about the responses we might get for using the name of a Hindu mythical character for a profit-seeking media organisation. But I said, “Let people decide whether Narada is Hindu, Muslim or Jew.”

At last, after a fierce debate, I could successfully convince them. And that’s how Narada News was born.