How social media reacts to JNU student missing controversy

Hashtags such as #WhereisNajeeb and #JNUStudentmissing are making rounds in social media where mainstream media failed

How social media reacts to JNU student missing controversy

Social media is pouring with reactions against JNU controversy where a first year Biotechnology student Najeeb have gone missing. Hashtags such as #WhereisNajeeb and #JNUStudentmissing are making rounds in Twitter and Facebook when the mainstream media failed to take up the issue seriously.

#WhereisNajeeb hashtag has been created in Facebook to channelize the reactions against the reluctance of JNU administration who failed to take necessary actions in the controversy. The student organisations accuse the administration is silently taking side with ABVP who has started a communal campaign.

#JNUstudentMissing among twitterati has been a platform to unify the scathing criticism towards administration and Police. The hashtag went viral when big names tweeted in the hashtag. Congress leader Digvijay Singh, Salman Nizami, Sushant Singh tweet’s which came under this hashtag gained following.

Najeeb has been missing from last Saturday after having a scuffle with ABVP during mess election campaign. The scuffle led more ABVP members are to start lynching even in front of main warden. The communal campaign following by ABVP pointing out the muslim identity of Najeeb, evoked protests by various student organisations. The administration though asked for help from various central agencies, is yet to take a strong action.

The twitter campaign in the JNUNeedsStrictaction hashtag has been considered to have contributed to the current ruckus. The hate campaign in this name has gained much attention when NSUI burned effigy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The scuffle leading to Najeeb’s disappearance happened on the prime of this campaign.

The Sangh used this campaign to create ambience in the current controversy so that it creates a consent among Public. When the mainstream media failed to give necessary coverage to the issue, social media is taking it up both constructively and destructively.