How to Access esc Key on the new MacBook Pro Touch Strip

Having difficulty in locating your 'esc' key? here's how to make it reappear on the touch strip

The much anticipated MacBook Pro is up for grabs and people are loving the touch strip and touch ID, which is the latest addition to Apple’s MacBook that has never been seen in any of the laptops before. As easy and entertains as this touch strip seems, it has replaced the top most set of keys on the MacBook keyboard. Due to this placement, many users are unable to locate their esc key with ease.

If you’re one of them, here is how you can make the esc key reappear on the touch strip right where you like it, on the far left. It is as easy as clicking on the desktop screen. Yes, that’s right! all you have to do is click on the desk top and the esc key will appear on the touch bar, along with other primary keys that the touch bar has replaces.

Well, on a daily basis, these keys are not used as much, so their need is rather minimal, having them replaced by a touch bar does not seem like a bad job. Especially if they are still at your service, just a click of a desktop away.

Also, this is how you can remap the caps lock key to use as the escape key, just in case you miss the feeling of pressing the esc button, Here is what you have to do:

Click on the Apple logo on the top left corner > System preferences> Keyboard>Modifier Keys> select keyboard (incase you have more than one keyboard paired with the laptop)>select Built-in Keyboard>select the dropdown menu next to caps lock key option> select Escape







This way, you can switch from escape button to caps lock as and when you require. However, a click on the desktop seems like an easier option rather than having to switch keys every time you feel the need to click on escape button.