How to fix iPhone Keyboard Freezing issue... Here is a solution for the iOS 10 Problem

If you're annoyed by the glitches and the issue of your new Apple iPhone's keyboard freezing, here is how a way to solve the problem...

How to fix iPhone Keyboard Freezing issue... Here is a solution for the iOS 10 Problem

The problem of the keyboard freezing can occur in even new iphones. Recently, many who have updated their iPhones to iOS 10 have complained about the issue of keyboard freezing. This issue has taken a toll on the iPhones, as frozen keyboards lead to wastage of time and forced the users to clear all the applications on App Switcher, creating the need to relaunch it.

Having had enough of the bug, some decided to head to the Apple repair stores to seek help. If you're one of those who have been struggling with frozen keyboards, here are some steps to follow:

Step #1: Update your iPhone to the latest iOS Firmware:



There are chances that the glitches may be fixed as and when the iPone is updated to the latest iOS Firmware. As of now the latest iOS update that is available for installation is 10.0.2.

For update, go to your settings section and then make your way to General. Under the General section, you'll be able to find the Software update option with an Install button. The rest is as easy as 123.

Step #2: Reboot


Hold the Sleep/Wake and home buttons simultaneously till the Apple's logo appears on your screen. Once the logo appears, release the buttons and let the iPhone reboot itself.

Step #3: Disable Predictive Keyboard Option 


Predictive keyboard is the one that basically does all the predictions about what you're typing and suggests you the next words accordingly. To disable it and to improve the chances of making your keyboard more effective, Go to Settings -> General, under General, you'll find keyboard, under keyboard you'll find the option to turn off Predictive.

Step #4: Disable Spell Check


Now, it's quite obvious what the role of Check Spelling is to send texts, emails and other messages. However, if you're confident about your spellings that it's safe to switch of the Check Spelling option by turning it off. This, too, can be found under the keyboard option.

Step #5: Reset All Settings 


Maybe all that your iPhone needs is a reset. Reset all settings by going to settings->General, scroll right at the bottom of the page and tap one Reset All Settings. Make sure to backup all of your memory before you decide to reset.

Step #6: Restore 


If none of the above techniques work, then give your iPhone a last try before you head off to the Apple Store. Restore your settings. As mentioned before, make sure that all your images, music and other folders are backed up. First, try restoring it with iTunes, if the problem still persists then you may try to restore it as a new iPhone.