Imran seeks peace with India, but says Pakistanis will support its Army

Imran Khan said that the country seeks peace and is willing for friendship if India is ready.

In a bid to calm down the tension between India and Pakistan, Pak opposition leader Imran Khan on Friday said that Pakistanis are ready for friendship as war not a solution between the neighbours.

Addressing a rally in Islamabad, the cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan said that the country seeks peace and is willing for friendship if India is ready.

Tahreek-i-Insaf head was quoted by news agencies as saying: “When I met Modi in India, I told him that a small group of people may try to derail peace process between India and Pakistan.”

“But when the Uri incident took place, India without investigation blamed Pakistan and Modi started hurling threats at Pakistan.”

However, mentioning India’s surgical strike, Khan said Pakistan is united and standing behind its army against any aggression. “Not all Pakistanis are as cowardly as Sharif,” he added.

“Nawaz Sharif has great love for money. In United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Sharif reluctantly made a pro-Kashmiri speech.”

“Modi said Nawaz Sharif had not wanted to make that speech but he did so on the pressure of army chief Gen Raheel Sharif,” Khan said.

The former cricketer also said he will support the people of Kashmir considering the condition of people living there.

“We will continue our moral and political support to Kashmiris for their freedom struggle. We will raise our voice even for Hindus and Christians if they are denied their rights,” Khan stated.

Meanwhile, the leader also claimed to shut Islamabad down as part of protest against the alleged government after Muharram.

Sending a strong message to Nawaz over his alleged corruption, Imran asked the PM to “either present himself for accountability or allow state institutions to take action against him.”