"India uses BRICS to outsmart Pakistan": China's Global Times

The article which came in Chinese state run Global Times openly endorsed India's organisation of BRICS and the way �outmanoeuvred� Pakistan.

"India uses BRICS to outsmart Pakistan": China

By branding the country as a “bright spot” India has “outmanoeuvred” Pakistan by branding them as a “regional pariah” during BRICS-BIMSTEC summit , Chinese stare run media said on Wednesday.

“Given the uneasy background of Indo-Pakistani tension, which escalated last month, India's inclusion of BIMSTEC bore even thicker geostrategic connotations.As India invited all countries in the region except Pakistan, it in effect consigned Pakistan to be a regional pariah” an article in the state-run Global Times said.

The article came as a surprise as it blocked India’s desperate attempts to name Jaish-e-Muhammad in the summit. The parallel summit of Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation, or BIMSTEC was planned in tandem with BRICS.

The backing of India and various countries from November’s SAARC summit was highly praised in in the article. Holding a BIMSTEC meeting "presented India a rare opportunity to get rid of any constraints Islamabad may have over the regional group, as the same group would soon gather in Goa in the absence of Pakistan” it said.

India pulled out of SAARC summit in Pakistan in background of terror strikes in Uri in Kashmir which killed 19 Indian soldiers.

"By bringing regional countries - Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Nepal and Bhutan - together with the major emerging economies of the Brics, India breathed legitimacy and substance into an otherwise hallow and moribund acronym organization. While the rest of the BRICS members would never openly endorse either side in the Indo-Pakistan tension, India in a way secured its stance vis-a-vis Pakistan by taking advantages of its agenda-setting powers for the summits,"  the article in a way endorsed the Indian stand.

The article in fact questioned the validity of BIMSTEC as a an alternative to SAARC  because "a subcontinent grouping without Pakistan balancing and checking a dominant India may well raise suspicions and fear for smaller countries.”

The article also endorsed the efforts taken by India to organize BRICS summit. It said it became particularly valuable for India “its arduous bids for Nuclear Suppliers Group's (NSG) membership as well as for a permanent seat on an enlarged United Nation Security Council”. India’s bid for NSG membership got a blow when China backed off from supporting it.