Cyber war: Indian techies hit back, hack into Pakistan government network

The Surgical strikes were conducted by India across border on September 29, and Pakistan’s denial of the strike along with India’s opposition parties asking for proofs has continuously made the headlines. Now, it is Cyber threat.

Indian hackers have hacked into the Pakistan government network, locking their computers and data, days after  a group of Pakistani hackers claimed to have hacked 7,070 Indian websites, mostly non-governmental, and released a list of names early on October 4.

Earlier, thousands of Indian websites were reported to have hacked by the techies from Pakistan. “To unlock their data, techies from Pakistan also paid in Bitcoins but ‘patriotic’ Indians refused to give away the decrypt key to unlock the data. Pakistani officials have been asked to pay the amount again to unlock,” a black hat hacker told Mail Today.

Sources told Mail Today that Indian hackers are ready to launch a massive cyber attack which can destroy the cyber space of Pakistan. However, they warned that Pakistani hackers would also retaliate.

On October 3, National Green Tribunal (NGT) website was hacked and Pakistani hacking group took the responsibility by posting profanities and claiming it to be a revenge for surgical strikes that were conducted by Indian forces.

Next day, the Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean studies (KUFOS) found ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ on their website, and they filed a complaint with the cyber cell of the state police considering the seriousness of the situation. On October 4, reports came that Pakistani hackers tapped into the frequency on which pilots of Indian carriers landing into airports close to the LoC — Jammu and Thoise Air Force base — operate and blocked communication. The hackers then started transmitting Pakistani patriotic songs on the same frequency, which then played out in the cockpits, hampering the landing.

According to a report in The Times of India, a group of Pakistani hackers have claimed that they have hacked 7,070 Indian websites, mostly non-governmental, and released a list of names early on October 4. Mirza Faizan Asad, legal head, Global Cyber Security Response Team told The Times of India that “I’ve seen their post. They are not even proper hackers. They are what we call script kiddies, people who use existing computer scripts to hack into computers as they lack the expertise to write their own”.

Following such hacks, an Indian cyber security organisation has claimed that they have entered Pakistan’s critical infrastructure systems, including defence, and would be prepared to destroy the system if the need arose, reported The Hindu. A top official from the organisation claimed that they are waiting for a go-ahead from the Indian government.

Indian agencies are now on alert to ensure that there is no data loss in the ongoing cyber war. Experts believe  that intelligence gathering has increased as the hackers are not only defacing the sites, but silently spying into critical network, the report said.