iPhone 7's got a serious flash memory problem! look before you leap

Apple's iPhone 7's flash memory is eight times faster than that of slower models. Experts say Apple is preferring expensive smartphone models to inexpensive iphone versions to make some quick bucks by forcing them to buy additional memory..

iPhone 7

The flash memory of Apple's iphone 7 smartphone is eight times faster than its cheaper iphone models, say latest reports indicating Apple's preference for expensive iphone models. Earlier, Apple's low priced iphone models were available in the market with a storage capacity of  8GB, (which later became 16GB). Users had many complaints about the new Apple iphones as they couldn't do updates properly, due to insufficient storage capacity .

It was found that for Apple's new iphone 7, Apple has used 32GB flash being manufactured by SK Hynix. The reality is that Cupertino idiot-tax operation which holds the record for biggest buyer of flash memory in the world, had used flash memory parts which are very slow. Apple has not informed its iphone customers about the difference in flash access speeds and Apple customers are oblivious of these differences totally,say critics.  

The 32GB iPhone 7  can write data at a speed of 42MB/s while, the 256GB version can do it at a rate of 341MB/s. Shockingly, Apple has kept the users completely in the dark about differences in flash access speed.

Is Apple trying to stifle customers who buy low-price models of its recent iPhones? Well apparently, the answer is YES.

“Essentially you will have to delete half your [typical] content in order to make space for the iOS 8 download,” observed tech website MacWorld. Clearly Apple is preferring only its rich customers, as latest reports reveal.

iPhone 7's flash memory issues: Apple playing a tricky game?

It is a secret that Apple doesn't want to reveal yet.

The real problem is, unfortunately, the difference is not even noticeable. For instance, to write, a 4K video you need comparatively less bandwidth than maximum throughput of the 32GB flash of Apple iPhone 7. Most of the mobile applications, have the ability to function with read-write speeds of 32GB and 256GB.

The 8X speed difference enjoyed by premium category iphones is may be because of the 256GB model is making use of 8 blobs of 32GB of flash in parallel. It is a good strategy by Apple, as it requires more storage memory, and customers will be forced to pay Apple.