ISIS threatens to kill Yazidi women held as sex slaves if its position is overrun in Iraq

ISIS terrorists are feeling the heat as they lose territories to coalition forces. Now they have threatened to kill Yazidi women if the coalition forces attempt to further exert military pressure against them.

ISIS threatens to kill Yazidi women held as sex slaves if its position is overrun in Iraq

Facing further territorial losses, ISIS says it will kill its Yazidi sex slaves if coalition forces come any closer, says Clarion Project in a report filed on Monday.

Islamic State is holding the women in a series of homes in al-Hakne, a village on the Tigris river in northern Iraq. Coalition forces have already taken the other side of the river and are threatening the ISIS stronghold, says the report.

In recent weeks at least one of the women committed suicide after facing torture and mistreatment, eyewitnesses told Almada newspaper. The 20-year-old was raped, made pregnant and miscarried before seizing a gun from a sleeping guard and turning it on herself.

Since ISIS rose to power in this region two years ago it has wantonly taken local women and used them as sex slaves, particularly those from the Yazidi minority. Clarion Project reported numerous times on the mass rapes of women, their sale in sex markets, their distribution as gifts during Ramadan and their suicides and slaughter.

Nadia Murad, a Yazidi woman who survived being gang raped in ISIS captivity, has been awarded the Vaclav Havel Human Rights Prize at the Council of Europe. Abducted as a young Yazidi woman along with her siblings and her mother from their village in northern Iraq more than two years ago, she was barely in her 20s. She was separated from her family, beaten and sexually assaulted.

Ever she escaped from the ISIS, Nadia has campaigned to draw the world's attention to the plight of Yazidis women being held as sex slaves by the Islamic State. Describing the horrors that the Yazidis have to go through under ISIS, she called for special court to judge crimes committed against Yazidis, which she described as 'genocide'.

Yazidi women are sold several times as a sex slaves to multiple terrorists and are subjected to sexual and physical abuse. It has been revealed that the ISIS militants forced captives to pray to Allah and then raped them.  Around 5,000 women have been abducted by Islamic State fighters, it has been estimated.