Jesus, Prophet Muhammad were against cow killing, claims Gauseva board in Gujarat

The publication quoted Prophet Muhammad saying, "Beef consumption is a major cause of diseases�

Jesus, Prophet Muhammad were against cow killing, claims Gauseva board in Gujarat

Quoting ‘statements’ made by Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad, the Gujarat Gauseva and Gauchar Vikas Board reportedly claimed both were against the practice of killing cow.

In a publication titled ‘Gau Vandana-Karya Sarita’, the Gauseva board has cited many celebrities and other greater personalities to emphasise the importance of cow, The Times of India reported.

The publication quoted Jesus Christ having said, "Killing of cow progeny is a sin equalling the killing of a human being". While, another one revealed Prophet Muhammad saying as: “Respect cows because she is the best in all animals. Cow’s milk and ghee are like elixir. Beef consumption is a major cause of diseases.”

However, clarifying the act, Vallabh Kathiria, chairman of cow welfare board, said that they have quoted Prophet Muhammad and Jesus Christ from authentic sources to give the message against beef consumption, the news report revealed.

Meanwhile, scholars have denied such claims made by the publication and the board.

Commenting on the news, Mufti Abdul Qayyum Haque, Gen.secretary of Jamiat-E-Ulma-I-Hind's Gujarat chapter, said the Prophet would not even have seen a cow in his lifetime.

On the other hand, Xavier's Loyola Hall high school principal Father F Durai said, according to TOI, that Jesus would not have specifically said something about the cow, but about all animals out of compassion.

Meanwhile, the board also advised women to use cow urine, dung and milk products to enhance their beauty, leaving all chemical cosmetics.

A detailed advisory published on the official website of the Board said the use of cow products will help them to eternal beauty like that of Egyptian queen Cleopatra.