Kejriwal alleges tapping of judges' phone, central government denies the claim

A strong repartee was given by Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad at the same event

Kejriwal alleges tapping of judges

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Central government locked horns again today when AAP chief had alleged that judges' phones are being tapped, in a function attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself.

“I heard that judges’ phones are being tapped and they are afraid to talk. This is wrong and must not be allowed,” Kejriwal said at an event to mark 50 years of Delhi High Court where ministers of both state and central government were present.

A strong repartee was given by Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad at the same event. “I wish to deny with all the authority at my command that the phones of judges have been tapped in India at all,” he replied.

Mr. Prasad also said the commitment of his government to protect the independence of the judiciary is "complete and irrefutable."

The exchange of words comes days after when Chief Justice of India T.S Thakur gave a scathing remark over the delay in the appointment of judges. “Executive inaction is decimating the judiciary,” he had said on Friday.

When Government had replied that there were "inconsistencies"  in the recommendations of collegium of judges, the apex court said to send the names back adding "Don't make this about ego."

Delhi CM today referenced CJI's remark by saying that he had "read that the Supreme Court collegium has sent names for judges months ago but the centre not approved them."

"Rumours says some ministers wanted some judges to be appointed and the government doesn't approve of some names. Executive interference in appointments affects independence of the judiciary and it is not good for the country," Kejriwal added. He also said issues leading to rumours are not at all good.