Knicker gone, but what else RSS needs to drop to become 'normal'

Getting a better taste in fashion is undoubtedly laudable, however, it will be much better, if our Rashtriya Swayamsevaks are ready to change the antediluvian ideas and narratives they stick on.

Knicker gone, but what else RSS needs to drop to become

On its 91st anniversary, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) decided to do away with half-pants for full-length trousers. This is no small feat for an organisation busy carrying “the nation to the pinnacle of glory through organising the entire society and ensuring the protection of Hindu dharma”.

It is beyond doubt that the RSS must change, the more it changes the better . But what I don't understand is how you come to decide that the half-pants is the first item on the list of things to go. Was it your intentions to make someone bring up that much abused 'lipstick on pigs' analogy?

RSS11Do you guys seriously believe that the change that can't wait any longer is the half-pant? If so, you weren't paying any attention to anyone, not just to your critics.

I am not saying that this ridiculous item of a clothing must remain. No. Of course prancing around in it was bad. How bad? Very bad. It was not fashionable for our times, and it was not looking good on you guys.With the exception of primary school students, half-pants for uniforms is an atrocity in itself. Even an extremist right wing organisation deserve something better than a half-pant.

But is that the worst thing about your gang? Hell No. There are far more important things about you that needs change. Considering the current state of affairs, the list of suggestions can grow to encyclopaedia level lengths. So in the name of brevity and to avoid the hell of TLDR, I have made a lite version for you.

1. Why bother about other people's beliefs? Can you not imagine a world in which people get to choose their beliefs, and keep the right to change his or her opinion based on personal convictions? How about learning some tolerance.

2 . Why do you think that religion is the sole identity of the person? Why limit a person to such a narrow view? How about allowing people more freedom in life?

3. Why is it so difficult to get those people who disagree with you may also have a right to opinion? That they also have a part to play in the democratic process of our nation. That just because they don't subscribe to your views is not enough to kill them or send them off to Pakistan. A change to the  democratic ways will make the whole country better.

4. Can you think of any situation in which your organisation can be on the wrong? Or is your delusionary self-righteousness beyond repair?

5. How about throwing out those stupid ideas about science that you believe and disseminate? Do you really have to believe that humans originated in India when all the evidence says it happened elsewhere, or say Einstein took his ideas from our ancient books, or that we used to fly planes in older times, or that our gods did plastic surgery? I know that bullshitting is a very economical hobby to engage in. But still, these are beyond fun? Try reason for once, it can enrich your views and life.

6. Though been around for nearly a century, you guys played no role in the freedom struggle. Considering that fact, don't you think you lack the necessary credentials to pontificate about patriotism? How about stopping all this nonsense of being the better patriots, when you went missing during the Indian Independence movement?

7. Do you know difference between patriotism and jingoism? Are you aware of the fact that India is a republic with a written constitution? That the people of this republic has rights given by the constitution that is not open for debate? Learn to be a citizen of the republic, nothing can be more fashionable.

8. India has an Army, and other legally instituted defence forces. If so why we need a militia like yours? Have you ever considered the possibility of your organisation being a destabilising force?

9. What is this cow obsession? Why so obsessed about it? All kinds of love deserve respect, even the love one has for an animal. But why kill and lynch people over it?

jignesh mevani

10. Your internet brigade, or online sanghis, might be an apt candidate for change. Some decency from them will do a world of good to general online experience. Ask them to stop being stupid, rabid and hateful.

11. Eleven is no number to end a list. But I think I'll stop with this. I cannot talk about the celibacy thing. Is it damaging your ability to reason? No offence intended, just expressing a concern.

Anyway one cannot turn back the clocks now, things done are done; by the way that could be another important lesson for you guys, that no pathway exist to the past where you want to take this country to, the best any such endeavour can accomplish will be a modern day disaster, a mere debris.

But let us also not kill the good for the best. If it is the bottom fashion the first thing to be made fashionable, let it be. Come to think of it, it can be some start. Let's hope that this will be like ..., one small piece of a cloth for a man, but a world of goodness for the nation, type.

Making people wear funny clothes is the first step to making them servile and stupid. Yo, that is why gods, godmen and cult members have such deplorable fashion sense. So if the corollary of this is true, losing that ridiculous item might help them gain back some sense. Which can be a step towards sanity?

I must also add that even if all this change stops at the level of fashion, it is definitely an improvement. It will make them change from 'people in funny clothes with crazy ideas' to 'people in almost-normal clothes with crazy ideas'. And 'Normal' is good. Normal looking people moved by crazy ideas is the single largest group in India, bigger than any religion. In fact, as a nation, this must be the defining aspect of our creed. Thus for once RSS by losing their chaddis they became almost normal, and one-step closer to all of us.

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