Kylie Minogue will not marry fiance Joshua Sasse until same-sex marriage is legal in Australia

Until same-sex marriage is legal in Australia, Kylie Minogue will remain single.

Kylie Minogue will not marry fiance Joshua Sasse until same-sex marriage is legal in Australia

same-sex marriage is legal in Australia

Kylie Minogue, 48, and Joshua Sasse, 28, popular celebrities and stars got engaged in February 25, 2016. The pair will not walk down the aisle until same-sex marriage is legalized in Australia.

The duo had met on the set of his TV series Galavant.

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Now Joshua has shared that the pair have made up their mind to put off their nuptials until Australia legalizes same-sex couples marriage and have the rights just like in Britain.

Sasse said to Australia's Network Seven, "There are chances of a Melbourne wedding, but me and Kylie have talked about it, and we are not comfortable getting married until this law has passed. That is something that we've talked about and decided on. Why should we? Why is it fair? Why are we more important than anyone else? It's not right and something's got to be done about it."

The actor says he was "astounded" when discovering that gay marriage was not legal in Australia.

"I simply can't fathom on any level, whether it's moral, religious or anything, that I have the right to get married and to marry the person I love and that somebody else doesn't just because of their sexual orientation," Sasse explains.

"That is not what equality is all about." Sasse launched a campaign, "Say I Do Down Under," by selling T-shirts that publicizes and encourages same-sex marriage in Australia.

Meanwhile in Australia, a campaign to change the same-sex marriage law has been initiated by a number of other high-profile personalities and celebrities, including Dolly Parton, actress Margot Robbie, Australian singer Sia, American TV host Kelly Ripa, Scissor Sisters' singer Jake Shears and Minogue.

Margot Robbie had worn her "Say I Do Down Under" shirt on television this past weekend while she hosted the 42nd season premiere,  Saturday Night Live in New York of NBC's.

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