Lewis Hamilton amazing feat at Malaysian Grand Prix

Hamilton finished his race with one minute, 32.850 second, making him take pole from his tournament's leading team mate Nico Rosberg

Lewis Hamilton, the current Formula One world champion had a dream run on Saturday at the Malaysian Grand Prix with an amazing qualifying lap at the venue.

Hamilton finished his race with one minute, 32.850 second, making him take pole from his tournament’s leading team mate Nico Rosberg by a gaping 0.414 seconds.

His feat also had another achievement as it came within half-a-second of the fastest time ever recorded in the Malaysian Grand Prix, when Fernando Alonso made the achievement with his V10-engined Renault in 2005.

“Definitely felt good out there and didn’t ever really feel under threat,” said the British player later to media.
The win marks the 31-year-old’s 57th pole in his career and eighth during this season.

Hamilton seemed elated about his bout. “I had that good buffer of time to the second guy.
“I knew that I could go faster, so it felt quite comfortable in that space for sure.” he was quoted as saying to Reuters.

Hamilton will now move on to Sunday’s race where he is ahead of Rosberg by eight points. The German player emerged in the lead position after his third dream-like successive win in Singapore, two weeks ago.

Hamilton was third in the event showing an off-colour display. Rosberg had some clear adge over Hamilton then, however given Hamilton’s superb performance in the qualifying levels their boss Toto Wolff was clear aboutpickinh the lead player.

“I think Lewis has been in a league of his own the whole weekend,” said Toto, to Reuters, “So his gap was expected.”

But, Sunday’s match is going to be tought for the pair they have to face all odds like the heat and long-run in the track which could take a toll on their tyres and cars.

Mercedes’ starts are also worrying the pair, as its slow getaways denied them many wins on various occasions.
Hamilton is cool and confident about the match.

“I’m putting positivity into tomorrow,” he stood behind Rosberg in Italian Grand Prix of last season.

“We’ve worked so bloody hard to get these damned starts right. (We) both got great starts in the last race so hoping we’re going to get great starts tomorrow” he told Reuters.