Corruption allegation: Markandey Katju questions CJI Thakur

Katju has asked CJI Thakur about a residence allotted to him during his tenure as a judge of High Court
Katju, Supreme Court judge

Markandey Katju, ex-judge of Supreme Court, has questioned in a Facebook post, Chief Justice of India TS  Thakur on his alleged corruption. Katju has asked CJI Thakur about a residence allotted to him during his tenure as a judge of High Court. Katju claimed the residence was earmarked for an employee of the court, but the high court judge is a constitutional authority, not an employee. He raised question is about this alleged corruption, asking CJI Thakur to come clean.

This isn’t the first time when Katju has targeted the CJI, but this post comes on the day of hearing of Lodha committee in Supreme Court. Reportedly, Markandey Katju has been appointed as the head of four-member-panel of BCCI to suggest on the implications of the suggestions of Lodha Committee.

The Supreme Court created Lodha Committee for the improvements in BCCI, and in that pursuance of recommendations, the apex court had admonished the BCCI on September 28.

“If the BCCI thinks that they are law unto themselves, then they are wrong. They have to comply with the directions of the court,” a bench headed by Chief Justice TS Thakur had said.

“You (BCCI) are behaving like Lords. Fall in line otherwise we will make you fall in line,” the bench, also comprising Justices AM Khanwilkar and D Y Chandrachud, warned and added that “BCCI is bringing the system to disrepute by not following the directions.”

But going against the recommendations of Lodha Committee and the warning of Supreme Court, BCCI in its general meeting avoided the suggestions like one state one vote, age limit of 70 years, tenure of three years of office bearers etc. In a recent statement, BCCI chief Anurag Thakur said the BCCI would suffer losses to the tune of crores of rupees if the Lodha committee’s recommendations were accepted. The BCCI has been cherrypicking the suggestions of the panel, and is at the receiving end of flak of the Supreme Court.