MGM refuses to release tapes of Trump's celebrity show 'Apprentice', one more participant alleges harassment

One of his 'Apprentice' contestants, Summer Zervos, has alleged Trump of sexual harassment.

MGM refuses to release tapes of Trump

MGM, the producers of Donald Trump's popular celebrity show, 'Apprentice', has refused to release the videos featuring Trump.

Responding to these charges, "Apprentice" producer Mark Burnett and its owner, MGM, came up with a joint statement this week: "Mark Burnett does not have the ability nor the right to release footage or other material from 'The Apprentice.' Various contractual and legal requirements also restrict MGM's ability to release such material."

Trump has debuted as the celebrity star of this hugely popular celebrity TV in 2004, that helped to save him from bankruptcy, reported AP.

Recently, one of his 'Apprentice' contestants, Summer Zervos, has alleged Trump of sexual harassment during the 'Apprentice' show.

Zervos said Trump had treated her like a sexual object and that she was embarrassed by his predatory nature to her.
She revealed that she had decided to tell the truth in the light of Trump's repeated denials on his sex assaults on other participants of the show, and added only her close confidants were aware of the incident.

She reiterated the claims of other participants that Trump misbehaved with them. She also said that he had no right to treat women like sex objects just because he was a 'star'.

Meanwhile, denying all the allegations levelled against him, Trump said, he remembers Zervos as one of the participants of the popular show.

He added, she used to contact him through email many times and even asked him for a meeting with him this year in a hotel. Trump said that it was the part of a deliberate plan to malign him ahead of the election.

After conducting 20 interviews with 'Apprentice' participants, Associated Press has reported that "Donald Trump repeatedly demeaned women with sexist language", alleging "he rated female contestants by the size of their breasts and talked about which ones he'd like to have sex with."

CNN reported that If MGM/Burnett decides that the information with them is "important proprietary information," they have to prove legally that they can withhold information of the show to ensure its confidentiality.

Quoting MGM sources, CNN reported that Burnett employees would be dragged into legal issues and had to pay a huge penalty of $5 million for voluntarily "disclosing information about the show."