Natural Methods To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Read to know the best ways to destroy annoying Bed Bugs forever!

Natural Methods To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs



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If the number of bed bugs are less then vacuuming is an easy and effective method to kill bugs from your house. Vacuum all the nook and corner of your room, including edges of bed frames, mattresses, top and bottom of the carpets, plus the crevices and cracks. Dispose the vacuum bag carefully and make sure that no bed bugs escape and crawl out to other rooms. Check the vacuum brush if it has any bugs before you use it and filter out the bugs or their eggs. Vacuum until you completely get rid of bed bugs.

Scented Dry Sheets

This is one of the simplest technique to keep off the bed bugs. Put scented dryer sheets in between your mattress and bed linens, inside pillow cases. The fragrance of these sheets will repel nasty bed bugs and will keep them off from your bed. You may place these sheets under the carpets or under the cushions on the couch to eliminate the bed bugs from your living space of your house.

Sealing of Cracks and Crevices

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Bed bugs prefer to hide in small splits and cracks they find in baseboards, bed frames, shelves, furniture cracks and even walls. Seal all the cracks and crevices with a plaster or caulk well. This will make sure that no bed bugs remain alive at any corner in the house.

Disinfect and Clean

Get rid of the stubborn bed bugs by cleaning the mess around house. This will give them no space to play hide-and-seek or create colonies. Dispose unnecessary stuffs that are lying around. Keep them in a clean alley until you leave no space for them to invade again. You may disinfect the surfaces with hot soapy water to remove dead bugs, their eggs, bloodstains and feces.

Hot Water Wash

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It is proved that bed bugs die when exposed to heat in the range of 45-48oC (113-118oF). Heat is excellent way to get rid of bed bugs. Set it on a dryer. Set the temperature high for the heat to work to kill these pests. Keeping in up to 30-40 minutes in high temperature is recommended.