Norah Jones talks about her new album 'Day Breaks'

The Grammy Award winning singer is back with �Don�t Know Why".

Norah Jones talks about her new album

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After Norah Jones' successful Come Away With Me hit song, she came off with another hit single “Don’t Know Why,” and earned eight Grammys. She has sold over 26 million copies. She is now married and is a mother of two children.

According to Toronto Sun, when asked about what made her to think about jazz again for Day Breaks

, during Blue Note’s 75th anniversary celebration, she replies, "I was like, ‘Wow, it could be really fun to play with these guys again and make a record or something. But I didn’t really know how that would manifest yet. Certainly playing with someone like [drummer] Bryan [Blade] and [saxophonist] Wayne Shorter, the sound that I heard in my head with those guys was pretty specific. It definitely wasn’t playing jazz standards. It was music to be inspired and original, not like some throwback album."

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When asked if being a mother affected her original song writing on 'Day Breaks', Norah replies, "I can’t say that being a mom deeply affected my music. I think It’s just I have these new awesome people in my life. I don’t think it has to be this (affects voice), ‘Oh, everything’s changed. I observe life differently.’ I really don’t think that way. More than anything I think it’s affected how I hear love songs or think of them because of the whole love thing, love for your child, is so different than any kind of love I’ve felt before."

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When spoken about 90-year-old singer, Tony Bennett, who is still touring, Norah replies, "In terms of being an artist and playing music, yeah, I don’t see an end in sight. In terms of like going on the road, that’s different. We’ll see if I’m up for that when I’m 90. I think that’s what keeps you young in a way, is doing what you love. My dad was still touring and he was 92."

Listen to her latest track Tragedy from her new album Day Breaks releasing on October 7: