Now an irresistible "iPhone for Life" offer

Airtel is offering unlimited local and STD calls, free roaming, and free data to subscribers of its new scheme 'iPhone for life'

Now an irresistible "iPhone for Life" offer

As iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus were officially launched in India on October 7, telecom companies have started to bid for plans to attract their existing customers, also luring new customers to their services. Airtel has rolled out an extremely interesting scheme for customers.

Airtel is offering Iphone7 at Rs 19,990 onwards, while Iphone 7 plus is being offered at Rs 30,792 onwards, depending on the model. It seems like an attractive and once-in-a-lifetime offer. But, there is a lot more to know before taking up the offer.

Reportedly, the offer is available only in Noida and Karnataka, according to the Airtel website.

As per the plan, new and existing Airtel users can opt for ‘iPhone for life’ plan, where they make a down payment and the rest of the amount is paid by Bajaj Finance Limited. Customer has to subscribe to this plan for at least one year, and they have choice of three postpaid plans.

Airtel offers unlimited local and STD calls, free roaming, and free data in three variables. The three cost options are Rs. 1,999 , Rs 2,499 and Rs 2,999, where unlimited calls and free roaming would stay constant and free data would be 5GB/10GB/15 GB 3G/4G respectively. Though customers can switch between these plans according to their convenience, they have to stay subscribed to ‘iPhone for life’ offer for one year.

Another condition of this offer is loyalty. During this one year, customer will not be able to port to another network or pick any non-‘iPhone for life’ offer. Also they cannot terminate the services or ownership of either the plan or the iPhone to anyone. If customer so wishes, they can close the loan from Bajaj Finance by paying the charges levied by the company.

At the end of one year, customer has two choices. Either upgrade to the next version of iPhone or buy the handset by completing the balloon payment.  If user doesn’t reach Airtel office to make the choice, Bajaj Finance limited will debit the payment and then customer can keep the phone with themselves.



Not to forget, any kind of damage to the handset can lead to refusal of upgrade by Airtel. Moreover, no other details have been provided yet with regards to upgrading the handset. It is to be duly noted that this offer cannot be mixed with any other offers from Airtel.

If the Airtel’s iPhone for life offer isn’t suitable to the buyer’s need, Airtel offers iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus users the option to avail 10GB free 4G/3G data per month for one year with any Airtel Infinity Postpaid plan. Airtel says the free data benefit is over and above the plan benefits. Interestingly, over the duration of one year, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus users will get benefit of 120GB of additional 4G/3G data. Airtel’s infinity plan starts at Rs 949 with 1GB data.

Interestingly, this offer comes as Reliance Jio offered its welcome offer to iPhone users for extra time period of a year.  As the welcome period offer is applicable for 3 months for everyone, iPhone users will benefit for one more year under this offer.

Reliance Jio offers unlimited local, STD and national roaming voice calls, 20GB of 4G data, unlimited 4G data usage at night, 40GB of Wi-Fi data at Jio hotspots, unlimited SMS and subscription to Jio’s apps. The company claims it to be valued at Rs.18,000.

The attractive feature of Jio's offer is its applicability not only on purchase of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, but also for iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6 and iPhone SE.