Now MK Stalin of DMK raises questions over the health condition of J Jayalalithaa

DMK treasurer MK Stalin stated that Karunanidhi has not yet visited Jayalalithaa in the hospital because she has always refused to meet them.

Now MK Stalin of DMK raises questions over the health condition of J Jayalalithaa

"No one wants to come to the meeting with Chief Minister Jayalalithaa. She does not even meet. So there is no need to make an effort to meet her," said the DMK treasurer MK Stalin.

While speaking to the media on the question of Tamil Nadu Chief minister's hospitalisation, he commented: "DMK chief M Karunanidhi has already clearly stated that government has the responsibility to tell the truth to the people. But so far government has not released any statement as an explanation to reduce the spread of rumors. If the government had delivered the information, it would have ended the rumors that spread in the country. Therefore it is an inappropriate condition."

According to the statement issued by the Apollo Hospital, Chennai, Jayalalithaa is under treatment in the hospital for fever and dehydration from September 22. Their latest statements say that Jayalalithaa is responding well to the treatment and she is recuperating.

A lot of rumours are doing the rounds regarding her health status. Thamizachi, a feminist and writer had said in her Facebook post that the CM is no more. Police has registered an FIR on her comment. Police has registered many cases against the people who have misreported her health on social media for last couple of days.

Other reports suggest that she might be on the ventilator. A pic circulated on instant messaging app WhatsApp showed a woman who resembled the chief minister of Tamil Nadu in the ICU on ventilator. Health reports purportedly of Jayalalithaa have been circulated on social media showing that she could be in a bad shape but the authenticity of these is yet to be verified.

The cabinet ministers and chief secretary of Tamil Nadu are doing their routine work from Apollo hospital at present. The entire state of Tamil Nadu is gripped with concern over the health of the CM and well-wishes have poured in from all quarters of the political spectrum.