October sees higher harvest of Jehadi terrorism in Europe

The first 10 days of October has seen an increased harvest of Jehadi terrorism.

October sees higher harvest of Jehadi terrorism in Europe

German police arrested a 22-year-old Syrian man in the eastern German city Leipzig on suspicion of terrorism. Jaber Albakr was the target of a massive manhunt launched on Sunday after police found hundreds of grams of explosives at an apartment in Chemnitz.

“The overall picture of the investigation, in particular, the amount of the explosive found, suggests that the person was planning to carry out an Islamist-motivated attack,” the prosecutor’s office said 

Albakr was granted refugee status and allowed to stay in Germany last year, according to a spokesman from Saxony’s criminal investigation unit Tom Bernhardt.

He is suspected of planning a bomb attack.

Media reports on Albakr and other Jehadi activities pulled down attendance at Munich’s iconic beer festival Oktoberfest to the lowest level in 15 years, as fears of sexual assault and terrorism heightened. “Oktoberfest 2016 had around 5.6 million visitors, which is some 300,000 fewer than last year,” according to Heat Street.

This summer Germany saw a string of terrorist attacks by Islamist extremists. On New Year’s Eve, large gangs of men molested women en-masse at Cologne train station as police struggled to control the crowd.

In France, it was reported that almost 2,000 children were on a government watchlist on suspicion of radicalization, according to Sunday newspaper Le JDD. The youngest is reportedly 11.

In September, Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced 15,000 people were monitored by police and intelligence services for suspected radicalization.

The Express reported 4,000 of those people are said to be tracked on a daily basis by the Directorate of Internal Security.

A former glamour model in the UK was arrested on Friday on suspicion of possession of terrorist material. Aisha Lauren al-Britaniya, formerly known as Kimberly Miners, a 27-year-old convert to Islam was previously under police investigation for allegedly communicating with Islamic State terrorists abroad and being groomed to become a jihadi bride.

She denied the charges, telling police before her arrest multiple Facebook profiles she allegedly used to contact ISIS were “fake profiles made against me.”