Photos: Gigi Hadid Meets Fans in Dubai Mall During The Promotion of Tommy Hilfiger

Fans of Gigi Hadid gathered in Dubai Mall in hundreds, to meet and greet her and oh what a charm she was!

Photos: Gigi Hadid Meets Fans in Dubai Mall During The Promotion of Tommy Hilfiger

While Zayn canceled out his concert in Dubai, girlfriend and model, Gigi Hadid surprised her fans at Dubai Mall while promoting Tommy Hilfiger. The crowd gathered in hundreds to catch a glimpse of the super model, while hoping to get a decent picture of her with them to show off to the world.

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IMG_4005 copy copy

She, too, unlike many stars who keep their distance from the fans, mingled with the crowd and entertained them in whatever few minutes she spent at the biggest mall in Dubai. Although, the 21 year old star made her fans wait for about 2 hours, they didn't seem to mind. Some even said that she was worth the wait. For those few moments that she was there, the crowd came to life.


Accompanied by her fellow associates, all wearing Tommy Hilfiger, she also promoted the brand to her level best.

Stars flying down in Dubai to have a good time, meet their fans or for work purposes, is a part of Dubai's lifestyle, to a certain extent and its not going out of fashion any time soon. Perhaps, if Zayn had accompanied his girlfriend to Dubai, it would have been a cherry on top. Nonetheless, it was an eventful evening for many.


While she was in Dubai, she even enjoyed some time with her chikas in the yacht and had a photoshoot in Marina.

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Robert DeNiro was also in Dubai last weekend and Kim Kardashian is also expected to visit soon this month, hopefully her dreadful experience in Paris won't change her mind about flying down to Dubai and reveal her make up secret to her faithful followers.


For now, we know, who the news face of Tommy Hilfiger is and clearly, the fans approve of her.


Photo Credit: Nick Photography