Probe after Apple iPhone 7 explodes again, caused by overheating of battery

Sharing pics of his Apple iPhone 7 after the blast, the customer Mat Jones said his smartphone caused the explosion when he left his newly bought iPhone 7 in his car.

iPhone manufacturer Apple said it has begun probe into the fire caused by an Apple iPhone 7 in Australia, due to overheating of lithium battery of the iPhone.

Sharing pics of his iPhone after the blast, Apple customer Mat Jones said his smartphone caused the explosion when he left his newly bought Apple iPhone 7 in his car. When he returned, his car was covered in smoke and phone was totally damaged in the blast, said the user, “Ash was just coming from inside the pants, which then once you wrapped open the pants, the phone was just melting inside of it,” Jones said.

Media reported similar incidents of recently launched Apple iPhone 7 and 7 plus catching fire, due to over-heating. But experts say, it is not clear if iPhone caught fire by itself or just  due to Apple’s Lithium battery’s over heating.

If the Apple battery got over-heated it is still difficult to find the real reason behind the Lithium battery’s overheating that caused the explosion.

There are various conditions, that may lead to over heating of the battery say experts. Apple’s major rival Samsung discontinued its new smartphone Galaxy Note 7 after a manufacturing defect led to battery overheating causing explosion of Galaxy Note 7.

As per reports, the incident is similar to battery issues of Samsung’s recently launched Note 7 smartphone.
Samsung was compelled to recall all the defective smartphones of its Note 7 series, causing major disgrace to the mobile company, as major airlines banned the use or charging of Samsung Note 7 aboard.

It was found that the defect had damaged Samsung’s first run of devices and replacements too overheated.

Samsung had to recall the Galaxy Note 7, after US Federal agencies, various governments around the world, corporate offices and Airlines issued circular’s prohibiting the use of the Galaxy Note 7, as luggage inside the flights caught fire.