Proof of surgical strike presented; shocking complicity by Pakistan Army exposed

Eyewitness accounts, recorded phone conversation of police official from PoK, and reports of surgical strike video being handed over to the government by the Indian Army expose Pakistan's lies

Proof of surgical strike presented; shocking complicity by Pakistan Army exposed

After days of misleading the people of Pakistan and trying to manipulate facts in front of international media, its government and army was left red-faced, groping in the dark for answers, as the Indian media through their investigations have provided the much demanded proof of the surgical strike conducted by the Indian Army in response to the terror attack by Pakistani terrorists at Uri.

First came a report on Wednesday by a leading newspaper of eyewitness accounts from PoK that confirmed the attack.

Then later in the evening, a major national news channel released a recorded phone conversation in which a Pakistani police official could be heard on the other end describing the precision attack by the Indian Army on Pak terror launch pads.

Another report confirmed that the Army handed over to the government video clips of the cross-LoC surgical strikes as per laid down procedure to bury the growing noise demanding evidence of the operation on terror launch pads in PoK be made public.

It is to be seen now how Pakistan will continue to deny India's and the world's assertions of surgical strike conducted by foreign army on its soil to dismantle attempts by terror outfits sponsored by Pakistan army to infiltrate Kashmir to create instability.

In an investigation by CNN-News18, a journalist called a senior police official in PoK who, under the impression he was speaking to his superior, described incident of the night of the event which confirmed the claims made by the Indian Army. The voice over the phone was of one Ghulam Akbar, said to be Superintendent of Police (Special Branch) of Mirpur Range in PoK. We found that a Ghulam Akbar was in fact the SP (Special Branch) of the Mirpur Range in PoK.

He could be heard describing the surgical strike, confirming that it had indeed taken place at many sectors on the early hours of September 29. During the call, he stated that bodies of unknown number of terrorists were quickly removed by the Pakistani military. He confirmed India's long stated allegation that Pakistan army supports these terror groups to infiltrate India and create discord in Kashmir. "The Army brings them, sir... it is in their hands," he can be heard saying.

Eyewitnesses living in PoK told Indian Express how bodies of those killed in the surgical strike by the Indian Army were loaded onto trucks and buried secretly to destroy evidence lest citizens find out. The people across the border were contacted through their kin living on the Indian side of the LoC. These eyewitnesses also revealed they heard brief but intense rounds of firing that destroyed makeshift buildings that housed jihadists, which is the last location where they load supplies before beginning their climb up to the LoC towards Kupwara for infiltrating into Kashmir.

Both these news reports confirmed one basic fact denied by the Pakistani establishment - that Pakistani army facilitates terrorists. Eyewitnesses confirmed that there is a Pakistani camp meters away from where the terror launch pads are located which were targeted by the Indian army during the raid. Ghulam Akbar also stated the same thing saying terrorists camped closed to Pakistani army posts for security.

A political slugfest erupted after some politicians played politics over the surgical strikes terming it fake and asking for proof. Politicians like Mumbai Congress chief Sanjay Nirupam and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will now have to eat crow and regret their anti-national stand questioning the Indian Army's revelation stating they had retaliated to the Uri terror attack. With reports of Army handing over footage of surgical strikes to government, it is only a matter of time now skepticism over the issue is laid to rest once and for all.