Radical redesign of Apple iPhone 8, top-secret project, underway in Israel

Apple team is currently working hard in Herzliya in Israel for the "radical redesign," of top secret iphone 8

Latest reports suggest that Apple tech team is secretly working in Israel for developing hardware for its premium brand “iPhone 8,” likely to be released in 2018.

Apple team is currently working hard in Herzliya in Israel on iphone’s “radical redesign,” reported technology site MacRumours quoting employees of the project. Though Apple considers the project as Top Secret, there are leaked information on the Israel project already accessed by tech freaks.

Hidden Features of New iPhone 8

1.New model

iPhone 8 is rumored to be very different from earlier models like iPhone 6 and the iPhone 7. It is likely to have an edge-to-edge display that will replace finally bezels at top and bottom, which now accommodates fingerprint sensor and a front-facing camera .
Sources said, the team is working on the ”Next” of Apple’s product line.


Apple generally takes two years to develop new iPhones. So it is considered to be out in 2018 only, already there are rumors suggesting that it is likely to be announced on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary celebrations of the tech major. There are reports that the company is fully gearing up for a major release launch in 2018.

3. How iPhone 8 is different from  iphone 7 and 7 plus?

Apple probably want to incorporate in iPhone 8 many more features not seen iphone 7. iPhone 7 was criticised by experts for renaming an incremental model. However, sources revealed that new versions will be dramatic improvement of present phone s series.

4. What is special about iPhone 8

It is rumored to have a better camera than early iPhone 6s and the iPhone 7 models.
Currently more than 800 employees are working in the Israel office to develop hardware such as chips, storage, cameras, and wireless technologies. The Times of Israel has quoted Apple CEO Tim Cook as saying in 2015 that the plant in Israel is company’s second-biggest R&D facility all over the world.