Rajasthan Govt sponsors Yajna to protect Indian army from enemy

The Vasundhara Raje government is going to conduct a �Rashtra Raksha Yagna' at the Shri Mateshwari Tanot Rai temple on Thursday to �protect Indian troops from the enemy.� The ritual will be conducted by 21 'patriotic' Brahmins,said sources..

Rajasthan Govt sponsors Yajna to protect Indian army from enemy

Giving a spiritual angle to Indian army's successful surgical strikes on terrorist camps run by Pakistan, Rajasthan's ruling BJP government will conduct a a ‘Rashtra Raksha Yagna' to protect Indian army from enemy.

According to government sources, it will be conducted at the Shri Mateshwari Tanot Rai temple on Thursday, reported Indian Express.

As directed by Vasundhara Raje government, Rajasthan Sanskrit Academy will hold a yagna at the Tanot Rai temple near the Indo-Pak border to “protect Indian troops from the enemy.” The ritual will be conducted by 21 'patriotic' Brahmins, revealed sources.

Top politicians including Rajnath Singh, home minister and the Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje are also expected to attend the Yajna, added sources.

The Academy's 500 plus staff and students will start chanting hymns at 26 Ved Vidyalayas run by them across the state for the military and for world peace.

A statement issued by the Chief Minister’s Office said that Raje will perform the special pooja in order to boost the morale of the troops. “It will also protect the people living along the border, since the longest part of India’s border with Pakistan (1,040 km) falls in Rajasthan.” The Indian Express reported.

When asked about the 'rashtrabhakt Brahmins,' Rajasthan Sanskrit Academy chairperson Jaya Dave said, “the Brahmins are organically associated with our Academy. They are part of several organisations or associations provided financial assistance by us. We chose these people based on their capability to hold this special Rashtra Raksha Yagna.”

Asserting that ancient texts  contain hymns that can produce cosmic energy, Dave said that the hymns can be then used to provide energy to our soldiers by improving their morale and protect them from the enemy as well.

During the Indo-Pak war of 1965, the Tanot Rai temple was hit by mortar shells fired by Pakistan. However, none of the shells exploded, giving the temple a legendary status.

Dave said Brahmins holding prayers for soldiers were part of “our Sanatan Parampara”. “Earlier too, when Kshatriyas fought wars, Brahmins performed such ceremonies to protect them. The message that the government wants to send out is that everyone should come together to support our country and our forces. Our military capabilities should be visible to everyone.”