Reasons why Apple had to get rid of iPhone 7 Headphone Jack

Not many were excited when they heard about Apple removing the headphone jack from its new iPhone models and others to follow. What could possibly have been the reason? here are 5 theories that could have played an important role is helping Apple decide to vote for no headphone jacks.

Reasons why Apple had to get rid of iPhone 7 Headphone Jack

Apple products are known for coming out with not even  basic portals such as the disc portals in MacBooks, USB portals in iPads and tablets and now, to our great surprise, Apple even removed the headphone jack from newly launched iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Surely, Apple put up a grand show and introduced this new tweak in the design as something to marvel at, but they really didn't explain themselves, as usual, as to why they found the need to remove a perfectly functioning feature?

Here are five theories, one of which may have possibly been the reasons that justify Apple's action of removing headphone jacks from iPhones.

1. To create an unnecessary need to earn a little more Dollars 

So, you've hardly ever heard someone complain about their phones and other gadgets have headphone jacks, or the struggle of plugging in their earplugs to the jack. Most people seemed fine with the old-school habit of plugging in their earplugs to their phones and entertaining themselves. So, there was no such demand, for what Apple did. However, it cannot be denied that those bluetooth ear plugs, which absolutely do not come complimentary with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, did raise Apple's income to a certain extent. And if you can fool the public and earn some extra bucks? Then hey! Apple knows how to do this!

2. To make slimmer iPhones 

Not only did the commercial businesses encouraged body shaming of people, but now they're doing the same to smartphones. Apparently, slimmer is better, somehow. It is said to be more convenient and attractive. Removing a 3.5 mm of space surely would have helped Apple to claim that their iPhones achieve "that ultimate slim figure".

3. Better Audio Quality 

Apple can argue that these new bluetooth earpods provide a comparatively better audio quality that could not have been provided by earplugs. On the other hand, there are smartphones by LG and HTC that clearly proved that amazing audio quality can be achieved through earplugs.

4. To cut down on wastage of space 

Perhaps, 3.5 mm was just too much of a wastage of space. Imagine all the things that can be fit into an iPhone, now that it has a tad bit more free space available.

5. To have a "special" feature for the sole purpose of creating brand identity 

Not saying that this is exactly what happened, but as we think about it, perhaps not having USB and DVD portals had become a kind of brand identity that Apple wanted to apply to it's iPhones as well.