Over 51,000 Renault Kwid, Datsun Redi-Go cars recalled in India

The customers are being requested to bring the cars to the dealers, the company said. The services would be free of charge.

Renault-Nissan, one of the leading car companies in India, have recalled around 51, 000 units of Renault Kwid and Datsun Redi-Go due to a faulty fuel line.

Kwid and Redi-Go are the best performing cars for the companies, which saw positive sales growth because of good sales of these cars. Around 50, 000 units of Kwid and 932 units of Red-Go have been recalled.

In a statement by Nissan India, the company said, “Datsun is conducting a voluntary recall campaign on certain India-manufactured Datsun Redi-Go.”

While, about Renault Kwid the Renault said in a statement, “As a proactive measure, a fuel hose clip will be added to these select cars along with the evaluation of overall functionality of the fuel system to mitigate any potential disruption of fuel supply.”

The best-selling car for Nissan is Datsun Red-Go, without its strong performance, Nissan India’s sales growth would still have been in the negative part, Rushlane.com reported. But thanks to Redi-Go, the company has been posting a positive growth in sales, it added.

The recently launched entry level urban crossover-like hatchback,Datsun Redi-Go (799cc) has managed to clock an impressive 4,948 units last month, driving Nissan India’s sales growth to 89 per cent, as against 2,616 units in previous September.

At Rs 2.38 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), Datsun redi-GO undercuts its rivals.If the Redi-Go was moved out of the equation, Nissan India’s domestic sales in September 2016 would have been in the negative, rushlane.com said. This indicates that except for the new arrival, none of the Nissan and Datsun products in India are performing well, it added.

Renault Kwid (800cc), Renault’s small car with SUV-like stance has interiors styled in tandem with mass hatchbacks, albeit on feature front, Kwid has broken the barriers when it comes to design ditching the mundane looks. Initially, the car was available with an 800 cc engine at a price between Rs 2.64 lakh and Rs 3.73 lakh and recently in August, a 1,000 cc engine variant was launched priced up to Rs 3.95 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). So far in the April-September period this fiscal, the company sold 56,028 units of Kwid.

The companies are recalling the cars to fix faulty fuel line and add a hose clip. The customers are being requested to bring the cars to the dealers, the company said. The services would be free of charge.

It is to be noted that India has no mandatory vehicle recall policy. Yet, 2.2 million vehicles have been voluntarily recalled in the past four years, based on a code introduced in July 2012 by the industry’s apex body, Society for Indian Automobile Manufacturers, bsmotoring.com reported.